Pants on the Ground

This is why I watch American Idol.

Yes, you have to suffer through some really bad auditions.  Yes, you have to suffer through a lot of Simon and Ryan and Randy.  Yes, most of the audition shows are nauseating and make you want to go vomit…

But this is why I love this show.  Season 9 may not be so bad after all:

[flashvideo filename=”/video/pantsontheground.flv” /]

Pants on the Ground, baby!

5 thoughts on “Pants on the Ground”

  1. Man oh man oh man oh man oh man. My co-workers are going to thing somethings wrong… I’m crying from laughing so friggin’ hard! Or maybe that was actually painful. I can’t tell.

    I’m gonna have to hurry home tonight to catch up on my Idol.

  2. I couldn’t get this song out of my head after watching American Idol last night… “Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!”

  3. Oh my goodness…that was hilarious! wow…I’m still laughin just thinkin of it…

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