People’s Silly Names

Have you ever noticed that some people’s names seem indelibly tied to their work or life story in some way? How do these people’s parents do it? Are they clairvoyant as to what the child will grow up to become? Does your name determine how nerdy or cool you will be?


Last week I got a notice in my email that they were going to be doing electrical work on the first floor here at work. Who was it from? Buzzy Garrison, campus electrician.Yes, buzzy was destined to work in the electrical field. His name begs it.

Bronco Mendenhall, another good example, is the head football coach for my alma mater. With a name like Bronco, this man HAD to be a football player or coach. Could you imagine walking into your financial planner’s office and saying, “Hey Bronco, how is my portfolio going?”

So maybe I’ll have kids one day, and I can determine their fates by the names I choose. I’ll name one Crusher… he will be the athletic one, maybe even go into pro wrestling. I’ll name one Mortimer. He can be nerdy and rich. I’ll name one Striker. That is a celebrity’s name.

Seems like a fool proof way to control my children’s future.

Any weird names you run into lately?

3 thoughts on “People’s Silly Names”

  1. There is a nerdy (obviously) guy at Scott’s work. They had 4 kids. Laura and then the next one. Can’t remember his name, are just normally named. The next ones name is STOCKTON. I think they want a Basketball player. And then there is… this is the best one SLADE. I think here they are going for the manly-man name. Sounds like a street punk to me. Slade with his switch-blade.

  2. Hey, I don’t think our kids names are that silly (even if my wife did think I was a nerd when we first met)!

  3. HEY Jeff, I love all you nerds, I married one myself! ha ha! You nerds are great! I like stockton’s name actually and I do LOVE John Stockton, I just have a funny mental image of Slade with a switch blade! That’s so funny. ok but no offense, you guys are the awesomeest!

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