Pick me! Pick me!

In Sunday School lately, we’ve digressed back to the time in our youth where it was uncool to read things outloud in class.  I mean, what’s more embarrassing for our budding egos than mispronouncing the name Kishkumen or Pahoran or Ammonihah? (come on folks… amone-aye-hah? or amun-eye-uh? pick one!)

So lately to counteract the trend of deathly silence when the teacher asks “who will read…” I have been randomly jumping up and down in my seat, waving my hand in the air while shouting “pick me! pick me!”  Totally kindergarten style!  Then I proceed to mess up every proper name, place, and punctuation in the section.

So what’s the deal?  Why is it so uncool to volunteer for a simple, menial task?  Do you really want other people to ‘have that opportunity’ so badly, or are you just afraid to stick out, or are you just hating your life that much??  Please folks, you’re killing me here!

Once upon a time, I toured an educational show to a bunch of elementary schools.  Those kids were revved up to do EVERYTHING!  Our show was admittedly too detailed and even slightly boring at times, but they still volunteered like it was going out of style for every audience participation gag.

Today I had jury duty for the first time in my life.  I’m astounded at why people don’t like this, and try to do anything to get out of it. I mean, it’s nothing as fun as Pauly Shore’s movie, but it’s a great way to take the morning off of work, meet some new people, and hang out with a bunch of pulse-less, power hungry bureaucratic government employees whose sole purpose is to slow down or impede everything you actually want to get done…

So I went in (after being mocked in the hallway by the Bailiffs for not having my shoes tied), took my seat, and decided: “Hey, I kind of want to be picked.”  But then a sad thing happened… I wasn’t picked!  Now I have to wait at least 2 more years before I can have the next opportunity to sit on a famous ‘jury of my peers.’ How disappointing!  Shouldn’t you be able to check a box on the form that says “pick me! pick me!”?  Or maybe I should have tried my Sunday School antics in the jury holding room?

Granted, the case would have been some silly misdemeanor, lasting less than a day, which I would have considered a total waste of my time.  Nothing like the OJ trial or anything, which I would totally have hated.

One last thing about being picked… Remember in elementary school when you’d get to pick teams for a game in P.E.?  Yeah… I was always picked second-to-last.  I don’t think I’m emotionally scarred for life or anything, though.  After all, PE for me was always about surviving through the hour, so I could get back to brown nosing my teachers and cracking jokes in class.

To get back at the athletically gifted, I always picked them last when it came to picking teams for the academic bowl.  (those Jeopardy-like lockout buzzers were super-cool!)

6 thoughts on “Pick me! Pick me!”

  1. I think we have all been teased in one way or another, hence hesitation in participating because its not fun getting teased. Besides, some people may have learning disabilities or whatnot that make it hard for them to read out loud. But growing older, I have discovered that there realyl is no reason to be so terrified of voluteering, nobody really cares if you mess up now and then. I agree, jury duty is kind of fun, it always makes me feel like a participatroy citizen. And yes, I have already had to do it two times. My problem with it though has always been that they call me up during finals!! Finals people finals!!! Besides i haven’t been picked yet either because they were both DUI cases, and well, I am a little too opinionated on that topic!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to serve jury duty and now I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance! And I love reading aloud in Sunday School – I think it’s fun.

    By the way, I think you commented on my last post about 2 seconds after I published it – how’s that for excellent cosmic timing?!

  3. Wow, I almost wish our Sunday School had your problem. Hands pop up so quickly that I almost never get to read. Maybe I should try your “pick me!” tactic.

  4. Yeah- in church on sunday I was trying to give others the opportunity, but then it’s like paint drying and crickets and he says” Isn’t there anyone who likes to read?” How could I not volunteer to a question like that?? I heart books (and the sound of my own voice even more). If no one else wants to read….. I may serenade you all with my velvety voice some more.

  5. Seeing your “pick me! pick me!” routine might be just what I need to get me into Sunday School on time!

    Erica, the silence is because we’re anxious to hear your velventy voice some more. Don’t let us down!

  6. Maybe it isn’t that people don’t want to read, it’s just that they are so incredibly humble that
    they don’t want to look like a show off in front of everyone. However, you, W.E. never look
    like a show off…your elementary school impersonation is a great example to others and will eventually
    inspire them to be excited during Sunday School. E.T., you are not a show off either. Your
    velvety voice is soothing to others thus making it easier to feel the spirit. 🙂

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