Say it right or pay the price!

It’s BARACK – BA’-ROCK – not “Brock”.

It’s Clin-Ton, not Clin-uhn (i’m guilty here)

It’s EAR-rock, not EYE-rack

It’s EAR-ron, not EYE-ran.

(those are easy to remember, think ears not eyes)

Bonus round: it’s Ahk-meh-din-i-jad. All together now… Ahk-meh-din-i-jad. Negative points will be issued for skipping syllables.

If we’re going to be living with these people for the next 8 years, we might as well get it right.

3 thoughts on “Say it right or pay the price!”

  1. How do you know those are the correct prononciations? I think Eyeran and Eyerock are the correct way to say those bad places.

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