School’s In!

Back to school is kicking my buns. I have been running like a banshee with my hair on fire. We have 3 soccer games a week, 2 soccer practices a week, 2 dance practices, maybe 3 if one daughter gets into the class she wants, 1 preschool, (twice a week), 2 elementary school with daily homework and spelling words, 2 piano lessons (and thus practicing every day), 1 activity days, 1 playgroup, maybe 2 if my friend talks me into her’s too, plus a new yard to fix up, a new house to still finish organizing, laundry and still at least 3 hours of scrubbing/cleaning a week. That just touches it. The point? I haven’t had any time to watch the political conventions at all.

I have been reading up on the conventions as much as I can here and there, but it really isn’t much. I know nothing really, but I do have to say, that when I do, and particularly when it comes to Bill and Hillary, I feel like I am back in high school.

It’s odd to me. I honestly can’t believe that this “blessed” country, — settled almost solely by people that were looking to live MORE piously, and more god fearing, the place where we straight laced LDS people believe is the “promised land”, and where we are told if we are righteous we will prosper in the land — that we elected, tolerated, and now revere people such as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I think that it’s like high school. I mean really, we all went to a high school where the student elections were a joke. The popular, cute, fun kids were always the ones elected. It was never the smartest kids, it was never the most genuine kids and it was NEVER the person that would really do the best job. It was all a status symbol, a joke.

You know the speech every stupid popular kid that was a shoe-in for prez ever gave… “I promise to get the best pop in the pop machine, and the best candy in the candy machine, and I promise that Senior Prom will ROCK this year!!!!” WAHOO!!!!

(This is why we LOVE the movie Napoleon Dynamite BTW)

This is how the general elections are starting to turn in the U.S. We look for the ones that can make the U.S. the coolest. “I promise to give you free health care, free preschools, free retirement and you don’t have to do anything at all! I promise to make you never have to be uncomfortable, never have to defend your freedoms, or save your money. I will make all hard work and difficulty disappear, I will give you free lunch and free everything!”

And then you get the cool, cute and popular kids of the U.S. (AKA every movie/TV/music star making over 1 million dollars a year) saying, “Yeah, they’re right, vote for them!” And they make music videos, and star in commercials to vote for their president that is going to take away hard work and anything uncomfortable for everyone in the U.S. of A.

I hate to tell you people, but no matter who the president is, there is going to be good times and bad times. There is going to be international, terrorist and security risks. There is, sadly, going to be homeless people and hungry children. There will be abuse and neglect and harm to children. There’s going to be boons in the economy, there’s going to be lags. We as individuals can do things to help those situations. For instance, we can do everything in our power to prevent abuse, we can help pick up the pieces for people that have gone through awful, terrible things that life brings. But no president is going to solve everything. Not even if that person is being endorsed by Angelina Jolie. That’s the real world.

This all may sound very sad, but it actually is good if you ask me. That means that we DON’T have to elect the cool, popular kid anymore. Unlike high school, we can actually research all the angles and elect the kid that will really actually do the BEST JOB. Pick someone that you feel is smart enough, moral enough, tough enough, and the best person for the job. It’s not a popularity contest. Believe it or not.

PS. And I have to say that while I was very much on the fence, and unhappy with either ticket, now that the Republican VP nominee is a woman, I am excitedly voting republican just to have someone else break the glass ceiling other than Hillary. I am sick of her taking all the credit. J — oh yeah, and out of the 2 choice, I think that McCain MIGHT be the better person for the job. J I sound like the Bitter “uncool” kid speaking. But, for the record, I actually had lots of friends in high school and was somewhat cool myself.

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  1. The lovely sister makes several great points. I agree with all of them. She does it while at the time bringing up painful memories of high school where I lost more than one election because I was NOT popular. stupid high school.

  2. I am not saying who to vote for or that one is better than the other, I am just saying : don’t vote for someone cause they have a “prettier set at their convetion” or because “there is a cool song that someone wrote for their campaign” or because “Angelina and Brad are voting for…” I am saying be EDUCATED on the issues of the candidate. Vote for the issues, the candidate’s stance/solution and their consequences.

    Nothing drove me more nuts when Utah was having it’s “School Voucher debate” And people would say, “I know nothing about the reperusions or consequences of this bill, I am voting for it simply becuase Hillary Clinton is against it.” (or the opposite “I know nothing o f the consquences of this bill, but I am voting for it simple because John Huntsman is for it.”) THINK WITH YOUR VERY OWN BRAINS PEOPLE!

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