Strange Terms

One of the most interesting statistics that is tracked by my blog is which search terms are leading people to my blog.  Over the course of this year, I’ve accumulated a few interesting ones…

Most popular search term which landed people on my blog this year was: “is american idol girl a mormon?”

And the answer was: Yes she is.

Rounding out the other most popular:

  • silly names
    I guess people just needed silly names for their babies?
  • irony labor day
    Apparently I’m not the only one who finds Labor Day ironic
  • pelosi communist
    Well… she is.  And her eyes bug me.

Some people really look to this blog for answers to their questions:

  • how to find my social circle
  • 50 year old men unable to commit
  • five lessons i learned in college
  • is a ponytail a mullet
  • meaning of mozying
  • reno beard convention
  • to hell with singleness
  • 2 contrasting articles (someone wanted homework help here)
  • what is 420 friendly?

Lots of people search for information about White Eyebrows…

  • what to do about white eyebrows
    Love them.  That’s all you can do!
  • do women get white eyebrows
    I would assume so.
  • tips for getting white eyebrows
    Bleach them… but only let a professional.  It’s very dangerous!
  • fake white eyebrows
  • defining white eyebrows
    Don’t even try it!
  • do all redheads have white eyebrows?
    No.  Just the cool ones.
  • eyebrows turning white at young age
  • nancy pelosi’s eyebrows
  • neil diamond’s eyebrow
  • plastic surgery for white eyebrows
    WHAT!!! Perish the thought!
  • tattooed

But these get the GOLDEN SEARCH TERM AWARD!  These are the most strange search terms that have rendered hits to my blog this year:

  • tamara braun crush
    This is one of my readers, and apparently someone was trying to figure out who she has a crush on.  The only problem is… well, she’s married.  So I hope the search rendered a result: Adam Braun.
  • i wanna try going commando
    Go for it, dude.  It’s great.
  • what would a communist say about high gas prices
    Mein Führer! These gas prices are high!
  • evil place in mississippi
    I don’t really recall writing about an evil place in Mississippi, although I’m sure they exist.
  • death curse adam physical entropy
    I’m not even going to try and guess what they were trying to find here…
  • impossible to be discreet about my diaper wearing
    Wow.. This sounds like an intensely personal problem.  I guess I should write a blog to address this issue, even if I don’t have any primary experience in this field..

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