Stuff I Will Do For the Rest of My Life

About a week ago, my fiance surprised me by going over to my house on her day off and doing some cleaning.

Now, I’m a pretty clean person – especially for a bachelor – but there’s one thing I’ve never been ‘anal’ enough to do, and that is to keep the hard water stains from accumulating on the shower glass.

It’s just a futile thing.  It’s an uphill battle.  In “Man vs. Nature”, nature will win every time.

Well, she spent what must have been a very long time scrubbing the glass in the shower and removing the hard water spots.  Then, she hung a simple instrument of torture inside the shower:


A squeegee!

Yes, friends.  A squeegee.  I, WhiteEyebrows, now squeegee the shower every morning to maintain all of the hard work and love that she has put into making the shower door see-through again.

As I did this for the first time the following morning I thought to myself: this is the first of a lot of stuff that I will now do for the rest of my life.  Stuff that is assigned to me.  This is the ‘yes dear’ stuff of the world.  This is the commitment you make to the other person’s priorities.

Why do we men do it?  I guess it’s out of either fear or love.  Pick your favorite motivation and go with it.

I’m not afraid of this.  I can do this.  However, I do recognize this as the first encroachment into my intimate shower space.  First it’s a simple squeegee.  Next it’s going to be 67 various bottles, brushes, containers, foams, and implements, and before you know it, my 3 shower bottles are going to be sitting on the floor.

Before you go hauling off and mocking me in the comments, excoriating me for my ‘set in my ways’ bachelorness, let me tell you: I see nothing wrong with this and am perfectly happy with it. There is a natural order to things, and this is it.  I’m not fighting it, and I’m not complaining about it.  I just finally see this prototypical life fact barreling down the highway at breakneck speed toward me, and this is me smiling back at it before it hits me.

Bottoms up for change – if not in Washington, at least in the W.E. household!

10 thoughts on “Stuff I Will Do For the Rest of My Life”

  1. she must really love you if she came over and scrubbed your hard water stains. What a nice girl.

  2. Good job Aud….brows, maybe she was worried that when she moves into the house, she will be using that same shower and really didn’t want to catch something or get some kind of foot fungus that goes with a sad shower stall. And thanks to Tio and Mrs. Tio, who came by and scrubbed my whole house, I am now fungus free. And Brows, your house will now become a home because it will have a woman’s touch. Nothing can compare to a woman’s touch to make a house a home…

  3. Just take note that she did SERVICE for you, to show her love. Have you read “The Five Love Languages” before? She’ll be expecting that in return, although I’ll be surprised (and impressed) if you actually take on the task of cleaning anything in the bathroom…

  4. Ok, I’m laughing at you – except you might be laughing now, in which case I’m laughing with you! But this is hilarious nonetheless…

    What was funnier, I think, was me wanting to email said fiance with this shower system my mom has in her bathrooms, where you hang this bottle of cleaner over the shower and then push a button after you’ve showered and it sprays down the shower and cleans it for you! I think it’s amazing. It makes me happy when I go visit.

    And The Grape was right – you’re an awesome guy, but I can’t actually think of any single guy’s showers I would go into without flip-flops. (Not that I jump into men’s showers randomly…Now I’m laughing at me…)

  5. I totally agree with Annike, I would never go into a guys bathroom without shoes on! (I have a single brother, I see what it’s really like in there!) I am so impressed that she went and cleaned your shower! But, I do believe it was in self defense. I am wondering why the stereotype is always that the guys must change, they must deal with us girls junk say in the bathroom? I think us girls would have to do some compromising as well, like with the shaving mess left in the sink?

  6. Where were you when I was looking for someone to marry…Oh wait, you’re my cousin, just kidding.

  7. In the first few weeks we were married my husband actually asked me if there was anything – habit wise – that I really would like him to change. (IE: putting the toilet seat down.) He listed off a few things and some I asked for and some I didn’t. If you want to be proactive with your fiance, that might be a way to go. Instead of her asking you to make changes which could at sometime cause resentment, look at some of the things you do that might really bug a roommate and ask her if she would like that to change. Just a thought. Oh, and a loud second on providing some sort of service for your girl– nothing says love like surprising your significant other by doing something to lighten their load.

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