WhiteEyebrows vs. The Summer Blogging Blahs

For the past two months, the blogs have been really boring and stale. My theory on this?

We all have a case of the Summer Blogging Blahs (or SBB for short).

This isn't her, but this is a good example of a Milk Coma in full force!
This isn't her, but this is a good example of a Milk Coma in full force!

Last night I held my newest niece for the first time, and as she nestled into my arms and chest, slipping into the milk-induced post-feeding coma, I couldn’t help but look at her eyes; struggling to stay open.  They were little slits opening and closing in perpetual slow-motion.

This is exactly how we all feel, in my opinion.  We aren’t fresh and alive as we might feel after a restful night’s sleep.  Our brains aren’t thinking on all cylinders.  We are struggling to put together coherent thoughts, and trying to just make it through these dog days of summer.

Yesterday on the radio, I heard a report that lab tests on rats have confirmed that only a few straight days of eating a high fat diet actually makes you dumber.  In other words; you are more lethargic, more prone to making mistakes, less in tune with your surroundings, and more apt to just fall over and sleep.

I think that is also true with heat and the summer season.  We barely have the energy to just make it through the stuff we have to do.

When I log into my reader every morning, it appears that at least half of my blogging friends all decided to just take a summer hiatus from blogging.  This is probably a good thing.  It helps refresh their writing style, and when they come back, hopefully they will come back stronger than when they left… if they come back at all…

In the meantime, enjoy this – the one and only blog you have to read today.

7 thoughts on “WhiteEyebrows vs. The Summer Blogging Blahs”

  1. The baby is WE when he was a baby and that is Grandma Grape’s couch in the background…oh wait a minute, WE wasn’t that cute.
    As for blogging, WE has other things on his mind than blogging ie: new bride which means a bed-partner….yup…

  2. Sam! I saw that you commented on my column at the Deseret News (or at least someone with the name WhiteEyebrows did). Thanks for setting everyone straight with the whole “Utah has more bankruptcies because Mormons think wealth equals righteousness” thing. I’m sure that plays a part, but it’s not the whole story.

    Also, I thought you might find it interesting to know that the column you read today was actually the second I wrote yesterday. The first one, which I spent several hours on, was titled “Confessions of a Boy Scout Dropout” and it argued that the Boy Scouts program was obsolete and that the church should break ties with it. I even linked whiteeyebrows.com in it!

    Unfortunately, I got a call from my editor only minutes after I sent it in. He said that if he allowed it to be printed, he’d have about a dozen people who go by “Elder” on the phone tomorrow asking him where he was going to work next. Ironically, he did say he agreed with every word in it. He said he believes that once President Monson passes on, the Church will drop BSA within a year.

    Anyway, I threw together today’s column in like 45 minutes, so don’t judge me!

  3. let’s be honest. i may be back after the summer blahs, but i can’t promise a revamp.

    yours is totally the only new blog post today. thank you for saving us from ourselves.

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