The Water Less Free

Today I went into a Subway store to get a yummy Subway sandwich for lunch. I often opt for a larger sandwich, while foregoing the chips and drink – I just ask for a water.

In recent years, asking for water at a fast food chain has gotten more complicated.

Them: “Chips and a drink?”
Me: “No thanks, just water.”
Them: “You want a bottle?”
Me: “No, just a cup.”
Them: (grumble grumble, mutter something under your breath) “OK”

So I’m frustrated by this extra step where I have to dilineate the free “cup” I so desire. But whatever… society marches onward, I can deal with it.


The cup I was offered for my water was a FOUR OUNCE plastic dixie cup. That is smaller than the size you get at the doctor’s for a urine sample!


Usually I go with the flow, and don’t usually make a big deal out of stupid little things like this. Usually I just vote with my pocketbook and frequent the establishments who don’t do stupid things… but this took the cake. I had to vocally protest.

“Oh, give me a break! These just keep getting smaller and smaller. Why don’t you just give me a piece of paper and tell me to make my own oragami cup?!?”

I was pretty upset, but tried to be good natured about it. I mean, it wasn’t the pimple faced 16 year old and his 4 foot tall Mexican coworker’s fault that the stupid manager keeps getting smaller and smaller cups.

But honestly. Give me a freakin’ break.

I’m an hamburger eating, potato chip lovin’, apple pie baking American! We have the freedom to drink free, clean, filtered water from any fast food chain on the planet, don’t we?!?!?

3 thoughts on “The Water Less Free”

  1. Yes, free water with your meal is truly an American thing. When I was in Taiwan there were few places that offered such a choice. As a result I always carried around a 32oz Nalgene waterbottle. See it was acceptable to bring in your own food, even movie theatres! So I, along with my fellow Americans, were never without our waterbottles. Although I’m not sure that would work here in the States very well. That little sippy cup they gave you is just rediculous.

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