Them Hollywood Elites

I recently saw this video, which just makes me laugh:

As if anything Cher says these day is relevant to anything…

But I think it’s pretty funny that she shows how broad-minded and in touch she is saying that all Republicans are either ‘rich or a Born-Again Christian’.  She almost said ‘white’ in between there.. but hesitated when she realized she was both rich AND white.

And now I can already hear the chorus of the conservatives singing in my ears:

Them Hollywood elites are just out of touch, un-American, and are ruining our country.  They use their celebrity to spread their misinformed views.  They are just rich, spoiled, out of touch pansies who would never sacrifice anything for our country and who just complain really loudly using their big mouths.  Shut up and sing.

It’s no shock that Republicans hate celebrities (with the notable exceptions of the Governator, Chuck Norris, and Jesse Ventura), and hate them even more when they talk out loud and it’s not in an action/comedy/romantic/thriller movie.  (It’s almost like there’s a point system: do a good job in a movie +10 points, say something against my political beliefs -1 points.)

Well, you know what… I don’t care if they talk.  I think they should just be able to say whatever they want. Our great nation gives the right to every individual to be just as stupid as they want to be, and the only penalty you pay for stupidity of the mouth in this country seems to be an accrual of more fame.  (I can see now why stupidity is a growing epidemic.)

As for me, I see a key difference in my attitude toward these people than some of my fellow Americans.  If I don’t agree with them, then I just don’t listen to them!   Some of my dear, fellow Americans, on the other hand, just get pulled in time after time like a moth to the flame, complaining each time a little louder when they say or do something stupid.

The biggest mistake that people make, though, is to associate ‘celebrity’ with some kind of super-hero-esque sense of responsibility and/or morals.  “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Sadly, this doesn’t exist.  These are just normal, creative people who by a stroke of luck have had successful entertainment careers.  They don’t see themselves as having any such responsibility.  On the other hand, they consider themselves to be as free-to-be-human as any other normal American – or even less so because they are rich and can buy their way out of trouble!  My guess is the “A list” just see themselves as people who just keep getting microphones shoved in their faces – so apparently someone must be interested in what they have to say – so they might as well oblige.

The sad thing is that my Repulican friends are mostly right.  Most of these folks live in such a  narrow world (mostly because of their careers and celebrity status) that they really are out of touch and really don’t have a clue what’s going on around them.  It’s just that their my Republican friends’ complaining tone is often more shrill and 2-year-old-esque than that of the celebrities they hate so much.

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  1. There was one other gem in there – she said something like: “If you’re any type of minority – gay, black, hispanic…” I didn’t realize that “gay” was a minority, nor would I typically lump gay in with the races… Maybe I’m juste weird.

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