Top 10 Guys Reviewed

I’m just warming up here folks… I know last weeks reviews were a bit of a snoozer, but I’m just playing it safe while we get to know these people. The gloves will come off soon enough.

In the meantime, I’m pulling up my TV tray with a cup of ice and bag of Thin Mints (yay for Girl Scouts, even if their cookies seem to be the only valuable contribution to our society), and let the criticism… errr… critiques flow.

Michael Johns

I don’t get this guy. I don’t get the judge’s enjoyment of him. I think his vocals are WAYYY sub-standard. He has major pitch problems everywhere. I didn’t get it at all. Is it just because he’s aussie? Is it because he plays tennis? I don’t get it.

Jason Castro

Wow. I will say wow. I am totally on a different wavelength than the judges, tonight. This guy came out of nowhere last week and did great, and this week he totally built on what he did last week. He will be a forced to be reckoned with by the middle of this competition.

Luke Menard

I didn’t get his song. Were the 70’s that bad? I mean, I remember some doozies from the 70’s, but come on! He might have even sounded better on a Cher song, since he has a similar vocal range. This guy is a very skilled singer, and he’s probably great in the a’capella group, but I’m not getting it- he’s got the personality of burnt toast.

Robbie Carrico

Hello Captain Defensive! Wow… you are kind of over-obsessive about what the judges or blogs or whatever are saying. He has to show up saying, “no really, believe me, I am what I say I am.”

Uh huh… and Ryan Seacrest is straight… we know…

But more importantly, lets talk wardrobe. Nothing says “rocker” quite like some hardware. Nice wallet chain. So back in the day, I don’t know… mid 90’s… one day I noticed a dude with his wallets connected to a chain. I thought… what, is that the only way you can remember your wallet in the morning? Are you that afriaid to get pick pocketed? Why make you rlife so hard? I mean, getting through airport security is hard enough, why add more hardware? And what is the chain just in case you might need to affix your grappling hook and scale the nearest tower to free the Rocker Chick Girl?

I don’t get chains. The vocal was all right. Better than last week. I still don’t like you much though.

Danny Noriega

I’m going to try to be nice here… but this guy is a member of FTGCAI: Future Transgender Contestants of American Idol. His little runway walk up to start the song was a page right out of Female Modeling 101. Then there’s the hair… I mean, I’m going to stop there because, well.. glass houses and stuff… and I think he should be himself… for sure. But I’m just throwing that out there.

So to the vocal… it was just all right. I hope he gets another opportunity to show us why he things we should like him, cause I still am not seeing what the judges insist are there.

David Hernandez

“Hi my name is David Hernandez and I am really, really cool. I practice all my little pouty looks and lip curls in the mirror every day.”

The sad thing is, it really works for him, and I think it’s even honest. Even though I resent his “I’m really cool” thing, his voice is really, really good. I thought this was a super-unique song choice, which he totally pulled off. He was 100% engaged in it too. He absolutely rocket it!

…And even more important… he’s the only one yet this season to get a successful body hit with the band at the end of the number.

I wonder if Elvis ever practiced his lip curling in front of the mirror…

Jason Yeager

Nice dancing, mr dancerina. I’m glad you danced. If that’s what made you sing better than last week, then I expect to see you dancing every week. It seems a little put on though, especially the whole arm pumping thing near the end. The vocal was better than last week, but the performance was a bit manic. Tough. Bye bye. See you in the finale.


The vocal is SO much better than last week. I’m not wild about the song choice, but I think he might have done enough (as the only brother in the competition) to stay in another week. I’d like to see one of these truly undiscovered talents win this year – someone who hasn’t ever had a recording contract.

Now, we have to talk about wardrobe… again. Last week it was pumpkin/rust. This week it is neon green?!? That is SO early 90’s! We haven’t even recycled the 80’s fully yet… so don’t get ahead of us, OK?

But I have to give this guy props for his almost involuntary ability to mock Simon. Nice work!

David Cook

OK, I like David now. I know, it’s stupid, but this is the first time that one of those stupid interviews ever changed my image of a contestant. I like Danny because he’s a word nerd, just like me!!! He used the word ostentatiously in a sentence! Yipee!

He has a nice predominant forehead too, which is offset by this super long front swooping hair.

The song was pretty good. He needs to stay in it to the end too. He’s in my top 5 guys, for sure.

David Archuleta

Wow. How dare he take on John Lennon? Maybe his most loved song??? Dangerous territory!!! But he NAILED IT! He made it absolutely unique – a modified melody line with a simple acoustic guitar. Brilliant. This guy is my #1 Guy. I can’t believe he is only 17. A-freaking-mazing.

Paula had tears and snot and everything running. He left us all speechless. Wow. Paula nailed it, he is destined to be a super-star.

This one deserves a video…

[flashvideo filename=video/ai-imagine.flv /]


Top 2 tonight: David A, David H

Bottom 2 tonight: Jason Y, Danny N & Michael J

Who will go home: Luke M, Jason Y

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Guys Reviewed”

  1. thanks for posting the Archuleta video. We had missed the show, so we were first wowed by Archuketa’s performance tonight on your blog. And your blog is pretty darn cool, I might add. Your commentaries are legendary. It made work fun today.

  2. I really agree with you on almost everything. What don’t they love about Jason Castro? I think he’s pretty cool. And I LOVEd the honesty of David Cook’s video rather than “ooo, I am cool I drag race..” he was like yeah I am a normal guy. I said it about Danny last week and I’ll say it again. Wow scary. Don’t care for him too much. Anyway, short story, I really agree with you.

  3. Why can I not stop watching the David Archuleta video? Are you kidding me? That kid is supernatural! Oh, and equally amazing and supernatural, but in a
    in a VERY VERY bad way is Danny Noriega. OK so first of all, ew. What the heck! Dude look like a lady! But also, the dude can’t sing. And he’s just
    creepy. I might actually consider voting for American Idol if they would permit us to cast negative votes for people we wanted off that show…

  4. Danny Noriega=next Sanjaya= Howard Stern’s next pet project. I am seeing a possible repeat of last year.
    Loved, loved, loved David A. I knew I was going to love it from the second the intro. started. The other contestants ought to be shaking in their boots right now because the fan base he already has is a little crazy. Tweeny boppers already shrieking when his name is said. I think that is an AI first.
    I am so glad you also liked Jason C. I think he is very interesting. I don’t think his performance was as good or entertaining as last weeks, but I am still really liking him.He and David A. are the only two I am really looking forward to hearing next week.

    Bring on the girls, they have got some major competition.

  5. ok the office and 2 patients all stood here to read the blog and hear David A sing. It was very very good. We did want to hear the responses from the judges on David’s performance, however. You were right on with all the assessments this week – look forward to the next episode!!!

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