Top 10 Most Painful Things

On Thursday evening I badly burned the roof of my mouth on a piece of pizza.

In honor of the subsequent pain I felt, I am now going to think of 9 more things more painful than burning your mouth…

10. Burning the roof of your mouth


9. Getting kicked in the junk really hard.


8. Shutting your finger in a door.


7. Natural Child Birth (I am guessing…)


6. That look from your mother that says “you’ve disappointed me”


5. Learning a new programming language


4. Drinking flat soda pop


3. Seeing Melinda Doolittle get kicked off of American Idol in Season 6.


2. Seeing Chris Daughtry get kicked off of American Idol in Season 5.


1. Planning a wedding.


13 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Painful Things”

  1. Flat soda pop is not that bad… and I think that never having the need to plan a wedding is way more painful.

  2. flat soda? i heart flat soda. i propose in it’s place, you should include watching presidential debates. i’d sooner go through pregnancy AND childbirth again…and I know you remember how much I loved being pregnant.

  3. Ok, i got bored, so i decided to google 10 most painful things…. this came up and i was amazed at how little you know about pain… Sure, i’ll give you the child birth and being kicked in the junk, but unless you have had your foot cut off by a rusty lawnmower blade, i seriously have problems with this list.

  4. Guys, I do think the post was meant for humour rather than info. So dont take it too seriously. It was all for fun. I do find it funny.

  5. Wow! Lame list…I see that you’re trying to be humorous, but someone getting kicked off a t.v. show, seriously?! How about dry socket, fractured clavical, 2nd degree burns, or a broken femur? I’ve worked as both a military medic and civilian EMT, trust me…nobody has ever been found screaming in agony or worse, slipped into shock over a flat Pepsi or c++. Get real!

  6. i say that getting ur finger slammed in a door should be replaced with getting you fingernail torn off… that just happened to me and even the doctor said it is one of the most painful thing that couldve happened to me

  7. i know to think your superman and jumping of a double storey house. is more painful especially when u belly flop onto concrete from that hight

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