Top 11 Reviewed

All I can say is that everyone looks so fresh this week! Did they have some kind of team building day at the spa or something? Ryan is freshly fake-baked and has the fauxhawk perfectly quaffed. Randy has a nice even airbrushed coat of brown on, and even Simon is looking dapper in his non-v-necked knit shirt.


I really like Amanda. I just like the way she doesn’t really care about this whole American Idol thing. I finally found out why tonight, too with her comment that she was going to sing to her fans, “…even if I have to sell out a local bar in Lafyette…” Everyone thinks that American Idol is some rocket ship to the top of the charts, but this girl understands that there is so much more to the music business that superstar-dom, and that any kind of lasting greatness only comes after you have sang a lot of bars and lounges.


You are so freaking lucky to be here this week, and I think you know it. The biggest problem I have is that she doesn’t really engage with the song when she sings it. She’s like in La la land with every note. I thought it was a good song choice, but it won’t keep her safe for another week.

I absolutely loved the “musical wallpaper” comment. Does Simon read this blog? That sounds like something I would say…

I’m really a little nervous about her ‘blowing him out of his socks’… I think what she meant was she was going to blow his socks off… you know, as in “knock your socks off…”

Note to self… keep the off the cuff remakrs to a minimum when on national TV. You never know when Freud will pop out.

David A

Wow… another awesome performance by our resident Jabba the Hut Tongue Meister! He really connects with every song he sings. I think what I like about David is that he still isn’t comfortable with being adored… he’s still like ‘awww shucks.’

SIDENOTE: Holy crap… is American Idol going to turn into a freaking awkward iPhone commercial? Yup. Looks like it… And the coke cheers? Gimme a break. How much more mileage do these sponsors want out of this show? News flash: no one in America wants to feel like we are being sold. Cut the crap.


I think he made a good song choice for him and his voice. I don’t really care about in-ear monitors or whatever the judges were saying. Simon did go a little too far saying it was a complete mess. However, I still don’t think he’s that strong of an artist… and I still don’t know why my Lovely Sister ever liked him… Mitch says he enjoyed the backup singer’s solo.


“Here Comes the Sun” was a good song choice for her voice. I will say (once again) that I love the unique sound to her voice. However, I don’t think she actually needed to dress up like the sun to get her point across… woof on the yellow dress. Also her ‘having fun’ moments in the song are just a little forced. She’s just so awkward. So adding to her ‘thank you thank you’ annoyances is now the “It’s OK… It’s OK” like she was actually trying to convince herself that it was OK to get a less than glowing review by the judges. You know, you can actually disagree with Simon, Brooke. In fact your whole “it’s OK” bit made me a little sick… (spoken in a george mcfly voice) “it’s OK.. no, really. I probably shouldn’t have even tried out. NO really, I really stink, it’s all right.” Man, woman. Stick up for yourself a bit.

David C

Every week David is making me more and more of a believer. A few weeks ago when someone said he could be the next Daughtry, I kind of scoffed… but this week, I’m seeing it more. He just needs to keep playing it cool. Don’t get all David H on us and think you’re all that.

Oh and criticism #2 is: What is this? Some kind of one man band A.D.D. I’m good at everything convention? He wants to sing, play the guitar, and then play the weird voice box thing. Dude… it’s American Idol, not America’s Got Talent! (I’d take Cowell over Hasselhoff any day of the week)

Carly Smithson

Blackbird is perhaps one of the best Beatles songs of all time, and she totally made it awesome, especially the 2nd half of the song. I have to say, I have never really liked her, but I feel a little obligated from the last couple weeks to start becoming more of a fan.

Please, please, please wear sleeves . Your tat is nasty. I’m just saying.

SIDENOTE: OHHH RYAN… what is up with the bad French? Yeah, you’re wishing the show wasn’t live now… boy do you feel stupid after that! It is nice to know you are human and have stupid moments, but why are you having stupid moments every episode?


This is a perfect song for him. It has that easy going, smitten feel that he does so well. I thought it was good, better than the judges gave him credit for. Simon is absolutely right, though, that his personality is selling his songs more than his voice is. For now, it’s not going to be good enough to get him into the top 5.


I was hoping her scare last week would inspire her a bit more. I thought it was a good song, but she really needs songs with more money notes to pay the bills. I think she hasn’t been making enough deposits, and is taking too many withdrawls. I feel like I’m in a Syesha recession… she really hasn’t come to fruition like I hoped she would. Please don’t force me into a JPMorgan/Bear-Stearns… PLEASE!


I thought the beginning of this song was awesome… so I started looking at my computer to write a few thoughts, and then I thought suddenly we had cut away to some other show, cause this awkward country thing started happening. What did he do? Go down to the hoedown on the farm? I didn’t get that total change of style halfway through. The country thing really rubbed me the wrong way, but it was SO much better than Kristy’s attempt.


BOOOOWWWWWWWWOWWWWOWOWWWW… awful, terrible, horrible. Worst of the night. Pitch was off, and what was up with the harmonica interludes? What’s her excuse for such a rotten performance? Did her cat die or something? Or was she just so bent out of shape from Danny and David H being voted off?

Mitch’s prediction:
Top Performance: Carly
Who should go: Ramiele
Who will go: Kristy

WhiteEyebrows’ predictions:
Top Performance: David A
Who should go: Ramiele
Who will go: Kristy Lee (makeup for last week)

11 thoughts on “Top 11 Reviewed”

  1. Howdy there. Here’s my opinion Like it or NOT!

    First of all, I thought it wasn’t fair that they picked beatles again. WHY? what’s going on? Is McCartney paying AI to do his songs so that he can make back that what is it? 50 million that he had to give to the EX WIFE? IT’s wierd and I think it’s unfair to those that had a bad week AND unfair to those that had a good week last week. MOve on, no repeats. Bad producing.

    Amanda – yeah she really doesn’t care. And constantly has a different agenda than the show and the judges. I.E. Paula “you should sing a ballad”. Amanda later, to Ryan, “Ballads are boring!” She won’t care when she’s voted off.

    Kristy – yes she did so much better, but it’s true she has looked wooden for awhile. She just goes out there and sings a song and tries not to mess up. I think all the “drama” of AI has affected her. She even mentioned that her memorable moments are always being the “last man standing” at the vote off shows. She’s lost confidence and now just waiting for the final fall.

    David A. – yes he was good. I still want to go and pat him on the head and tell him it’s okay no matter whta people say. But it is absolutely great that he isn’t full of himself and he is so humble.

    Michael – You are right W.E. I am in full confession now. Michael just can’t get it together anymore. He was good in the Bohemian rhapsody a million years ago, and now we have been disappointd for weeks. I can’t remember a single performance in the past between then and now. I think he’s just in it now cause other people have flubbed and sounded bad. The notes were wierd. He was trying to do some vocal technique that wasn’t working for him. It was whatever.

    SIDENOTE: Why do people think that we want to hear about their dead friend, father, etc.? It’s sad and it’s pathetic and it’s a sympathy vote. We all have sad things in life and we need to remember that we are watching AI to be entertained and have a break from the downsides of real life, not just to be reminded how life deals us a bad hand sometimes. I am glad that people have a human side, but I get tired of hearing, “well I knew the song sounded horrible, but I did choose it because my ________________________. (Fill travesty in here.)

    Brooke – I liked the singing, but yes, the dress TOOOO much. She knew it all was so not her comfort zone. She knew what was coming before it came. That’s why she was so “I am ok with it”. It was almost like she WANTED her bad week to come and go so that she could go on to better things. And didn’t I tell you? I said she’d look stupid gyrating on the stage and she did! She knew she was a horrible dancer. She knows that she looks terrible trying to fake feeling in a bop-she-bop song. It’s funny because with her and Jason C. they probably never would have made it trhough if the format was like previous years when you stand there and sing while dancing around. They are SO lucky (or maybe it was caluculated) that they ccame on the year that you could sit and strum a guitar.

    David C. -See I told you! He is the real deal! Just like DAughtry! I watch him and I feel like he has arrived already. Someone just give him a recording contract and just pick the AI out of the rest of the people. He was never my favorite, I didn’t care for him in his tryout, hollywood week, nor the beginning of the top 24, but he’s just good and entertaining, on key and etc. I just look forward to his performance. I didnt’ care for the voice box thingy. I think it sounded fine, but first of all I don’t know what it is? Is it an insturment, or does it just make his humming voice sound funky? IT was just odd. It kinda looked like he was just mouthing a mic, I don’t konw I didn’t get the procedure and purpose. It didn’t sound horrible or anything.

    Carly – She’s okay, still don’t see what everyone loves about her. And YES COVER THE TATS. It’s so distracting, especially the one that shows a face. It’s like we are looking at the 2 headed woman! Regardless of my religion or anything I don’t understand tats and really don’t get the having them ALL over your body. As I heard it a long time ago does anyone realize that someday sthere are going to be a lot of old, pudgy, wrinkled, saggy old ladies with tats all over? EW…..

    Jason- I too really like him. And I do think it’s the personality. He does sell it even though he’s not trying. I mean i dont know what it is. I can’t put my finger on it. I liked the song and I just like him.

    Syesha – I thought she did a little too much with it. I thought she was trying to hard. Making it into more than she was even feeling. But I may have been too not loving her. I dont know. I too think that she has just gone downhill in general..

    Chickese – I think that the beginning was better than they gave him credit for. When the transition happened at first I hated it, but then I thought it was starting to work a bit. I kinda liked it by the end. I think he is interesting and I hope he stays in it just for intrigue (what will he do THIS week?)

    Ramiele – She’s been on my nerves for awhile. Now in ADDITION to the explaining how she can possibly love the other contestantst ( that are technically her enemies and her opposition) she had to explain how she is the “little one” that everyone mothers around. Said in baby voice, “Everyone is my mommy, daddy or big brother, or big sister, and I am the little itty babbbby that everyone loves.” YUCKO! We don’t care Ramiele. You are not as good as teh judges originally gave you credit for and we aren’t going to vote for you just becasue you are short.

    Overall, blah night I thought, really wish they wouldn’t have repeated Beatles.

    Top Performance? David A.
    To go based solely upon tonight? Michael
    Who will go, probably Kristy yeah make up from last week.

  2. Gosh, I hate the Beatles’ music. I can’t say that enough. It pains me to listen to it. It’s so weird.

    Both Davids are the frontrunners in my mind. I don’t really like Carly, and honestly, I think it is because she is hard for me to watch on TV.

    I loved Chickezie again this week. I like his energy and boyish exuberance.

    Based on pure talent, I think Kristy has the least of it and should be voted off the island. My guess is
    Syesha is in the bottom 2 again with Kristy. Please, please save Chickezie. He makes the show fun.

  3. Oh, and Legolas looked as smooth as ever. I’m telling you, if he would come out with a crossbow and a quiver of arrows slung over his shoulder, he would vault instantly to the top…

  4. There was a pretty defined line between good and bad tonight. The good ones were really good and the bad ones were really bad. I don’t have anything more to say besides “New theme next week please.”

    You could pretty much eliminate everyone but Brooke, David squared, Jason, and Chikeze and I would be happy.

  5. I like that analysis YFC. I agree. Everyone else besides those you list are just dead weight.

  6. Caralee’s comment: EWWW you like Amanda – she is an 80 year old trapped in a 20 year old body with a raspy cigarette voice. Everything you said about Brooke is true – she needs to stick up for herself. David A was right on – awesome!!

  7. I wasn’t saying I “like” Amanda, like I want her to win or anything… What I meant is I like her personality. It’s so different and refreshing for this show.

  8. WE, it was near painful to watch Idol on our itty bitty TV. We need the projector back! Anyway, I think the Beatles have seen better days. We need to send
    them back from whence they came as far as Idol is concerned.

    I’m weirded out by Jason. I’m quite certain he’s on something and if he’s not going to share it, then it’s not fair to flaunt his use of happy substances.
    I’m becoming more and more of a fan of David Cook although I fear he is teetering on smug. And if Brooke EVER feels compelled to dance on stage again,
    someone please put me in touch with her. I’ll see if I can talk her down from that bridge for the good of all of us who suffer from feelings of vicarious

    TLB out.

  9. dude, Usually I agree with you, but on David C, I have to say I couldn’t disagree more. Of course he’s never gonna be nearly as good as daughtry, (who I’m going to see in Denver with Bon Jovi) but he’s pretty dang good. Sure he played guitar and used the voice box. They wanted originality, and he gave it to them. He’s not being a jerk, he’s just showing that he is also a very talented guitarist. And Simon can stuff it for all I care because 99% of his life he’s looked smug. p.s. (lexie and Dallin told me about the website. it’s awesome. Keep writing on this stuff. I’ll be checking in every day of so. I love the subway bit, that’s hilarious.)

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