Top 2 Idols Reviewed

Well, tonight’s Idol finale was… well… anti-climactic for me.  Ever since the Top 36, we’ve all just wondered who was going to be in this episode with Adam Lambert…

The judges certainly made no bones about who they were supporting all year.  Paula basically did everything but tattoo his name to her forehead. Kara painted her fingernails black – I wonder who she’s voting for…

Enough about them, though.  Let’s get to the Idols…

Round 1

Adam:First song was the right choice.  Was his best of the season.  Why?  Because it’s the only song he didn’t screech.  Coming out of the floor on a scissor lift in a huge “Matrix” style trench coat was a TAD pretentious… please!  The first time he sang it was better.

Kris: Knocked the first one out of the park!  He was raw, natural, amazing.  He connected with the song and really did a great job.

Round 2

Simon Fuller’s song choices were HIDEOUS!  Both were songs to support some political/social point of Fuller…

Adam sang “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke.  He totally ruined the song.  It was absolutely hideous.  This song was an anthem of the Civil Rights movement, and Adam being an openly gay man is clearly being paraded as some poster child for the gay marriage movement, even though he personally doesn’t make an issue of his sexuality.

Just to make my point if how AWFUL Adam’s version was compared to Sam’s… Here is Adam:

[flashvideo filename=”/video/ai8/top2-lambert.flv” /]

And here is Sam Cooke. (click the gray play button)


Kris’ song is also a totally politically loaded song, but thankfully he blurred over a lot of the lyrics for us.  I liked the groove of it, but also agree with Randy that it was probably way too small for that big ‘ole Kodak Theater.

The third round… don’t get me started… what was up with that AWFUL song Kara and her “cowriters” wrote?  Man… can’t they ever get a decent finale song?  And HELLO it was completely written for Adam Lambert.  It was in his key, his range, and his stylings.  Then Kris had to come out and sing it after him.  What a complete joke.  They shouldn’t have had them do the same song.  Blah.


I will be OK if Adam wins it.  He has worked his behind off to win it.  He has set the bar for the whole competition.  He was the one to beat all along.  I think Kris has a shot to beat him, but it will be a complete upset if he does.

My Prediction

Adam Lambert will be the American Idol, Season 8.

7 thoughts on “Top 2 Idols Reviewed”

  1. I’m so glad you commented on Karas song. Blah. I really liked her but now she’s bugging me. Will she be on next season?

  2. I agree in most respects. Adam was the one to beat. Kris had to take it from him. But I don’t think he pulled it off. How can you when you have ZERO AUTONOMY.

    This theory makes zero sense to me. The ENTIRE competition is about song selection and selling what you are singing. How can they do that when they are asked to repeat a song, sing something someone else picks that they probably (in this week’s case) have never even heard before), and sing something new no one’s heard that is ALWAYS a crappy song. I don’t think any of the “new” songs any year have been good . Ever. This is such a dumb way to end a competition that has always been about “find your own style” “be your own person” ” show me the record you would make someday”.

    None of this adds up

    Basically it was a lackluster ending to a good season, and a disappointment all around. I think there was MUCH more question on who was going to win last year with the Davids.

    The final question is: DID YOU DRESS UP LIKE SIMON FOR YOUR PARY?

  3. I teach a night class on Tuesdays, so I have to watch the recordings later. This season has been pretty boring for me, and I haven’t sat through an entire episode for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy AI, but I think Adam ruined it for me this year. Its evident that he can sing, but I hate that he is just being handed the title. I would jump up for joy if Kris stole it from him… That would be a real shocker.

  4. I could have turned off the show after round 1. Kris was super great. I love Adam’s rendition of that song; although his first performance of it was much better. I think Adam will win and go on to be a star. I appreciate Kris, though. I really admire his all-around ability to sing, play piano and guitar. What a talented guy.

  5. oi. I knew it was bad when my hubby was saying “That sounds pitchy.”

    The first round was entertaining enough, but it was a train wreck from there. I enjoyed Simon’s critique of Kara’s song–“Hurricanes and Pain?”

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