American Idol – Top 3 Results Show

Special Edition today! As you may have seen last night, my first pick, my woman, my TV love affair, Melinda, was voted off of American Idol last night. I just wanted everyone to know I am doing OK. I’m… *sniff*… struggling… a little today… emotionally… as well as… spiritually… from the great upset; but I really was prepared for the worst.

Last night’s show was fun. I love watching the films of when they go home and throw pitches and get keys to cities. Seeing Jordin go back to her high school reminds us that she is seventeen. Watching Blake go back to Poduncville Washington was funny too. Melinda of course had to stop in at the holy rollers and feel the love…

Perhaps the HIGHLIGHT of last night was seeing Elliot Yamin again. After tens of thousands of dollars of oral surgery, he has a beautiful, brilliant set of chompers… but he didn’t need them. His voice could get him anywhere he ever wanted to go. I’m not one of THOSE people, but after he sang, I popped on over to iTunes and bought his album. It is awesome. I love the unique ‘poppy white boy R&B’ that he sings. It is a really great album!

Also, I got to thinking… American Idol is not as much a singing competition as we hoped it is. It is a popularity contest. Think last year… my picks were Chris Daughtry, who got kicked off early, then Elliot Yamin becasue of his amazing vocal talent. We all knew he was going on Top 3 night he just couldn’t compete with the bomb shell and the strange grey haired 26 year old. Once again this year, the true talent is left behind for the young bomb shell and the slighly odd, yet hip, guy.

Now… this is why I’m not sad today. This is just enough start for Melinda to go out there and launch a music career with less stigma from the AI thing.

Also, this makes me care a little less that I won’t be seeing next tuesday’s show. I’ll be in a car headed for Utah… arg!

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