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I am deeply sorry for not posting after last week’s So You Think You Can Dance. Let me just summarize my thoughts with the following… WOW Mia Michaels, and yes, the right people went home.

First, I just have to say that Mia did a phenomenal thing with that contemporary routine, the one she dedicated to her father and said symbolized a reunion with him. She has a way of making this creations that are just simply transcendent. They are simple, connecting, and expressive. They are very emotionally available, and easy for anyone to ‘get.’ This is another DEFINITE emmy nomination for next year. I enjoyed it so much, I will include it here:

Also, I was not sad to see Sarah and Dominic go. I will say, though, that I am so impressed and surprised that they lasted that long. They both significantly out performed the expectations on them. Many weeks we simply forgot that Sarah was a b-girl.

Ok. Now to this week. I have to say, first off, that this is perhaps the highest caliber episode to date. The choreography and dancing was top notch, best it has ever been in one episode.

Sabra is emerging as my favorite girl. As Nigel pointed out, she dances with her whole heart and soul. The most stand out performance of hers for me was her solo, followed by the red dress number… umm… paso double, I think. Neil was a great partner for her, although I thought he might have pushed it a little too hard in the Paso Double. He was walking a fine line for me. The coolest move of the night came at the end of that dance, when Sabra fell from her lift down Neil’s body like a man going through the center of the donut, then as if that wasn’t enough he drug her (as a cape, as the dance calls for) to the judges for judging. I thought it was a brilliant finish!

Neil was good this week. He has had a run of good luck in getting the best choreographers and best partners in the last two weeks. I think that combination, coupled with taking his shirt off last week, will secure him a place in the finale. The table dance was one of the most interesting dances I’ve seen in a long time. It brought the foreign world of dirty business into the creativity/free-thinking dance realm. Really they are two opposing ideologies, and it was really cool to see it tackled in dance.

Next has to be Pasha and Lacie. Their first mannequin dance was really quite amazing and creative, and the smooth waltz was exquisite. I think Lacie has lost a bit of the drive to win this thing. She is just not quite attacking it as she was in the beginning. Not quite the ‘force’ to be reckoned with as I thought she would be. She certainly is technically proficient, but I’m not sure she is “America’s Favorite Dancer”.

I fear for Pasha because he has less of a chance in the solo arena. All of his solos are weak, and this week he strangely chose to dance onstage with a real mannequin and dress. It certainly increased the level of his performance, but it would have seemed a lot less odd (and we still would have gotten it) if he would have simply envisioned the dress and mannequin and danced without it onstage. Having it there was just a little creepy… Good rehearsal technique, really strange performance choice.

Now, Danny and Lauren. Their dances were great. Danny is incredible and prolific. I’ve never seen anyone spin like he can. Their Mia Michaels routine, while it was a slight let down after last week’s incredible routine, was still amazing and awe inspiring. HOWEVER, I think (in this competition) they are America’s least favorite dancers. Lauren did excellent solo work.

Lauren is at the most risk for the girls and it’s sort of a toss up between Danny and Pasha.

Danny still has a slight barrier between him and the audience, and while he is certainly talented and prolific, he will NOT be America’s Favorite Dancer for the simple fact that after a whole summer of watching him dance, we still have not been let into who he is. I’m a little surprised that Mia hasn’t ‘broken him down’ as she has a history of doing to several dancers.

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