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Sorry I missed a few episodes.  Since there was  such an uprising on the web, and since you ALL missed my posts so much, I thought I’d grace you with my unvarnished opinion on these here girls…


Katie didn’t do herself any favors tonight.  I think her performance is quite forgettable, and I certainly have no compelling reason to vote for her.  She is in trouble!  The Kelly Clarkson song was just average.


There’s just something about Siobahn.  I don’t quite know what it is.  I don’t think her voice is that great in and of itself, but coupled with her quirky personality and her knack for picking songs that are great for showing off what she can do, she might have a winning combination.  She is certainly gliding into the top 12.


Lacey pulled it out this week.  I’ve never been a big fan of the fake-ness of her high glam makeup or her way-too-bedhead-hair, but I thought she really created a moment for herself tonight and saved herself.  She should be in the top 12 based on that performance.


Katelyn really stepped in it.  A2 says her hair looks like a butt-crack.  I didn’t really notice it, but I did notice that her song was a step back from last week.  I thought last week (at the white piano) was a step in the right direction for her and that the judges were a little too critical of it.  This week, though she will be in trouble.


Didi totally SLAYED IT tonight!  She rocked the house.  She absolutely made up for the two awful weeks and awful song choices.  If she can keep strengthening from here, she could do all right in the top 12.

This totally deserves a video:

[flashvideo filename=”/video/ai9/top8girls-didi.flv” /]


Paige’s version of Smile was a complete let down.  I thought she had a pretty good performance two weeks ago, and did OK last week.  She had “my woman” potential, but the terrible vocal and the appalling bossa nova arrangement of the song totally proved she has no clue what makes an incredibly delicate, intimate song like that great.  With that absolute blunder, she has completely lost my vote and confidence.  Nobody murders a song I like that much and gets away with it!  No one!


Yeah, Crystal had another outstanding week, especially given the fact that she sang a song (Gimme One Reason) that has the signature of a song that someone might pick (because it’s a crowd pleaser) and totally sing a copycat/karaoke version.  Crystal brought her style and skill to it and did an all right job of it.

Here’s my deal with Crystal, though.  She’s starting to believe in herself a little too much, and she creeps me out a bit.  I mean, she sat down on her amp to get the judges feedback and then just sat there and nodded and smiled as if she was expecting the praise.  Simon was right to paint a huge target on her back, and I hope someone shoots for it and hits hard!


I really didn’t like this, mostly because I don’t like Lilly’s voice and I really don’t like Patsy Cline.  It really just wasn’t my groove.  However, I thought Kara was absolutely correct in saying that somehow she miraculously made a Patsy Cline song sound current.  She should get a medal for that feat alone.


Worst singers this week…

  1. Paige
  2. Katelyn
  3. Katie

One thought on “Top 8 Girls”

  1. Yeah!! I’ve dearly missed your idol posts. I’m glad they’re back. 🙂 Totally agree about Crystal…YIKES! She’s obviously got some talent but her attitude really bugs.

    Loved Didi and felt happy about Lacy’s successful performance. I find the voice teacher in my jumping out every now and then to offer encouragement to the underdogs.

    Can I just say…hate the critical judges this year! I thought Ellen was supposed to be funny…nope. She just keeps saying “bad song choice” and “I don’t really know but…” yeah, we know you don’t know. I’m still wondering why she’s even there.

    Even Randy has gotten the crankies this season. Makes for depressing reviews. At least Paula was enthusiastic (she couldn’t finish a sentence but at least she did so with a smile).

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