Top 8 Guys

Wow! Tough night on Idol! The playing field got surprisingly level before we move into the Top 12. Tough, tough, tough!

Here are my picks:


Lee is all right.  Fireflies wasn’t a natural pick for him, but he made the sale.  I think he’ll make it through.

Alex (aka Mullet Man)

I love this guy.  He is by far my favorite guy on AI right now.  He is so honest and natural.  He owns the mullet and gets up there and really sings.


In three short weeks, Tim has made one of the biggest turn arounds in Idol history.  His first week on this show sounded like something that would have kept him out of American Idol in the first round audition. Then he comes back and gives a decent performance this week on a really tough song.  I still think as a total package he doesn’t have the pipes to go the distance, but maybe he does deserve to be here one more week.


This dude came into idol as the most hyped guy, and with the most to lose.  He is making a slight recovery with tonight’s performance.  I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to put him into the Top 12.  He is definitely a unique artist, I’m just not sure he has built enough credibility to get him through one more week.


I really like this song.  It’s not a song I know, but he was very connected to it and it was interesting.  One thing I will give him, he knows how to sell it.  He’s been selling it since he got on the show, and I think we’ve all been buying a little too much of it, too.


Wow… weird vibrato at the beginning in his lower register… kind of awkward.  The whole song was a bit awkward for me, actually.  I thought it was the wrong song choice for him.  Sitting was weird.  He didn’t seem connected to the song at all, and was totally out of the groove of the song during most of it.  He just kind of gyrated around the stage uncomfortably.  Poor guy.  I thought it was his worst performance yet.


This was Todrick’s last chance.  He has two strikes against him… and he figured it out.  Somehow.  I don’t know how.  I was kind of hoping he tanked so he would give us at least one easy, no-brainer to vote off tomorrow.  Now who am I going to put in the bottom?!?!  Arg!

Big Mike

Call me a killjoy, but I’m not jumping on the Big Mike Bandwagon so quickly. I thought the first part was rough.  He kind of made it work in the middle and toward the end, but the way he was moving around made me a little nauseous and actually made it lose a lot of the impact it could have had. It just seemed desperate rather than engaging. I could tell he was into the song, but he didn’t really take me along with him, nor do I know why the song is so important to him.  All in all, the original was much better, and I don’t think he did it any favors.  

Now, I’m obviously totally against the judges here, but I really don’t get what the judges saw that I didn’t see… it must have been something in that performance. Let’s take another look?

[flashvideo filename=”/video/ai9/top8boys-bigmike.flv” /]

OK.  Quick poll.  What did you think?  Best performance of the season?  Really?

Compared to this guy?

I dunno…


So… this was a tough one.  Based on tonight only I have to say: Aaron and Andrew get the boot.  Based on everything, I hope it’s Todrick and Tim.  I would even throw Andrew in there.  I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he were out.  At any rate, they are the ones I’m not really interested in seeing in the Top 12.

2 thoughts on “Top 8 Guys”

  1. Holy cow that guy is amazing! Whoever he is!

    I thought this week ” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE JUDGES THIS YEAR? ” Last year whatever I said to my husband during the performance, the judges said after the performance. This year we disagree on almost everyone.

    I can’t stand Alex. He looks smug all the time. Not stuck on himself smug, but I don’t care what you guys say smug.

    I don’t think Big Mike is nearly as good as they are making him out to be. He’s fine, but he has lots to prove still before he can be a winner. NO WAY on earth was this the best performance of this season.

    Aaron looks uncomfortable and awkward no matter what he does. And his performance was out of tune and WEIRD I am sorry but it is weird that a 16 year old sings about a 35 year old man calling his kids. It’s weird. It was bad. He is not that GOOD of a singer. He is not much better than Tim but everyone praises him to death. I am not seeing it at all.

    I ADORE Andrew. I think he knows who he is more than the others and I think he is great. I think somehow everyone has a vindetta against him or something.

    I really like Todrick too. Though he’s been more spotty than others I admit.

    LOVE Lee too. I think he’s great.

    As for the girls. HALLELUJAH that Haeley was voted off. Phew. And I agree W.E. that Didi was awesome. Loved her. I love Crystal she is already an artist. Easy.

    Paige was a TRAIN WRECK. How do these contestants decide to do these songs that really sound terrible?

    In the end here’s my biggest surprise. Most of them are picking sleepy songs. I am often somewhat bored. Where is the performance like Allison last year that did “Alone”?

    I need something I can drop my jaw at. And rock out.

    There you go.

  2. LOVE LEE! I can’t WAIT to see more of him!

    Aaron’s mullet has to go. It’s either the mullet or him. End of.

    Tim, meh.

    Andrew – it was a disaster. Don’t do Genie in a Bottle, man, THINK! It wasn’t that great when Christina Aguilera did it in the first place! I want him to do well, but it’s just not happening!

    Casey – YEAH!

    Aaron – ugh, needs to go. NOW.

    Todrick & Big Mike – no, I didn’t get it. I kind of spaced out during Mike’s performance too – what’s with Kara crying?

    And I loved Simon’s comment about AI: The Musical. I know it was a joke, but HOW AWESOME would that show be??!!

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