Unplanned Intermission

So you might have fired up your computer on Monday, and being a monday, you needed a good start to your week.  Naturally, you clicked over to www.whiteeyebrows.com as quickly as you typically do on a Monday morning, only to find…


Apparently, my host, FSCKVPS, had a huge data center meltdown sometime Sunday afternoon/evening.  Apparently, a hacker broke into their system, and started wiping out entire swaths of data.  I was further terrified to note that, because this is a value do-it-yourself kind of host, they don’t keep individual backups, only system snapshots.

So by noon, I was starting to get very antsy… did I lose all my data?  The only backup I had was over a month old, and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my blogs and a bunch of other critical work that I had saved on the system…

Then, voila!  They had my system back up and my data was intact.  Thankfully, mine was one of the few nodes that had not been wiped by the hack.  Hallelujah!  Miracle of miracles!   Somebody upstair was looking out for my sanity!

WhiteEyebrows is back!!!

2 thoughts on “Unplanned Intermission”

  1. I was wondering what happened. I think your experience with this has hit upon one of my blogging fears: losing everything. So I don’t blog very much. Instead I write with very tiny letters in a fat li’ notebook that no one will ever be able to read besides me, and sometimes not even me. Probably not a good compromise. Glad you didn’t lose anything and that you’re back up and running. 🙂

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