18 thoughts on “W.E. vs. The Dining Room Table”

  1. Pbbbbbthtpbhbththt. I am laughing…. sarcastically. First of all WHITE?!?!?! I am guessing you two are never going to have kids. That would be my worst nightmare with the white chairs, and personally I don’t like thick pedestals on my tables, I hate bonking my legs/feet. But I guarantee ya’ll are more graceful than I am.

    However it is sharp looking and would work with your home decor very well. 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen your house and decor, so I don’t know how well it will go with everything else. It reminds me of a table in a conference room. I have to agree with TLS that the white chairs aren’t kid-friendly… think spaghetti sauce. It does look very sophisticated. What look are you going for?

  3. Have you seen the dearth of really cool, good tables out there that don’t cost a small fortune?

    We are going for
    – pedestal (dual – no shakey at either end)
    – dining room (we’re talking sundays and when we have guests over, not so much on the daily dining – that’ll be at the kitchen table and bar.)
    – we prefer something with clean lines (no chippendales, no late victorian bla blah)

    and… no… we’re not going to ever have kids… and if we do we’re going to put them in cages. 🙂

  4. Do you want fabric? It is so much more comfortable and has such a nice soft look. Especially since your dining area is right there when you walk in the front door. I hope I didn’t come off rude (the internet is hard that way since you can’t tell peoples tone.) You know me, my life revolves around the least amount of destruction my kids can do. When we moved I looked long and hard for something without fabric. It’s hard to find chairs without fabric. OUr old table came with fabric and I ripped off the fabric and recovered them with vinyl if you remember. I think your dining is also over carpet which would be the ultimate horror for me so I am not a good responder. 🙂 good luck shopping!

  5. I think it looks nice and could go well as a dinning room table for family and guest get togethers.. but ya for kids no. I agree with whoever mentioned about the lack of leg/foot space, or hitting that middle thing. I dont like that part. Just get boxes and put chairs around them. You lived in brazil man, no need for luxery.. lol jk

  6. will I hate this table in 5-10 years?

    i wish they made solid wood furniture still… mom and dad have had the same dining room table for more than 30 years…

  7. Update… we went and saw the table. The leg room thing was an issue, and the chairs were a bit mushy (no board underneath the seat… that’ll make the upholstery last about errrr… 3 years…)

    Anyway.. it’s on the radar, but we’re still shopping.

  8. my suggestion is take that ugly thing off the radar and go find a custom furniture maker who makes solid pieces, you might spend more but it will be sound and original.

  9. I think that style – dark wood, nice clean lines – goes really well with the rest of your house, so something like that would be great!

  10. Since this whole shopping for furniture thing is foreign to me, I can’t give good advice. But if I were looking for something, I’d go for just wood and not ones with fabric. They may be cushier, but how long can you keep it looking nice? And even if you plan on using it occasionally, it may be hard to keep your little grubbers off of it. Just my opinion.

  11. Big Bro: I would love something that is solid wood… but solid/custom wood furniture like you are describing is about 5x more expensive… not sure we can justify that much more $.

    I think key is to find something in the MDF/veneer price range that is well-made.

  12. When we bought our dining set – it WAS way expensive – $1500 back in 1980 = but it is still hanging in there. It does have some wire and a few screws on the chairs to hold them together – – but it is still functional.. nothing lasts forever – but it has lasted 30 years… Also, I know you don’t want to hear it = but cushions are comfy but not practical – and unless you are planning on having 3 or more courses for your dining pleasure = you don’t spend that many hours sitting in those chairs….. Although we have played many a game at our dining room table = I don’t recall many complaints about the seats being too hard… just a few thoughts.

  13. http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/fud/1121094066.html

    Check out this dealer. I bought this bedroom set and it’s reallly gorgeous. I got a good deal on it.
    Basically the husband and wife have a small showroom off 35, and tons of furniture catalogs from where all the larger furniture stores get their stock. The showroom rotates what they have in there for you to see just to get an idea. Since they don’t have huge advertising/overhead costs you get lower prices. The website has some of their products, but not all of them. I went to the store twice and just looked at all the catalogs.
    Just an idea. They might give you a discount if you tell them you were referred.

  14. Way cute and certainly a good match for your house, but I’d want to strangle myself over knocking my knees into that middle thing. Bear in mind that a lot of women cross their legs when sitting, so if you have guests over, the women will be kicking it, which leads not only to annoyed company but to chips in the pretty pretty wood…

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