Week 2 Auditions – Caution: This Post Sucks

I was going through my drafts and found these notes about AI week 2, the week I never posted about.  I have now included them, with commentary, as a makeup post.

I think we’ve found some bride’s maids dresses. Looks like she made the dress herself out of curtains.  Like Maria VonTrapp?

This note obviously had something to do with someone’s awful dress.  Perhaps she made the dress herself out of curtains, like Maria Von Trapp.

Press Kit, DVD, and CD.  And if you’re from Puerto Rico, you have to say it like she did – PUERRRRRRTO Rico!

This was that person that gave the Judges their “Press Kit, DVD and CD.”  The only people who need a press kit are the ones who the press would actually care to ever print something about…. just sayin’.

“Welcome to Hollywood” – even Ryan’s saying it now.  It is in the vernacular.  You would actually say this after someone had actually arrived in Hollywood.

Ryan apparently busted out with Randy’s signature line: “Welcome to Hollywood!”  It just doesn’t sound right unless the Big Dawg is saying it.  And where did he come up with that anyway?  It’s not grammatically correct the way they’re using it.

You’ve shown great intelligence in this audition.

– Simon

I really liked the lady with all the internet anatomy of singing research.  Perhaps she can help me find my “tray-she-a.”  And when she asked Ryan to “irractitate me” – it was priceless.

Her best line came while she was in the audition room, though:

sorry – it came from the wrong rectum…

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