Welcoming Fred Thompson

So yesterday it was with much glee, happiness, and outright obsessiveness that I welcomed the new line of iPods. Today though, the story is just a little different. It is with much apathy and ambivalence that I welcome Fred Thompson to the 2008 Presidential Race.

I have taken a few hours to try and get to know this man’s 24 hour old campaign, and from what I can see, I’m not impressed.

Fred appears to be running the un-campaign. He jokes away serious questions about why it has taken him so long to enter the race and how he plans on raising enough money to compete. What he doesn’t realize is that rather than looking like a vociferous maverick (which is what I think he feels like on the inside), he just looks like a lumbering johnny-come-lately who might be too old and too long winded for any 21st century Presidential politicking.

On paper, this man looks good to conservatives. He has a nicely consistent conservative record, has experience in private and public life, and is from the South. However, when you stick this former TV star in front of a camera and ask him what he thinks about an issue, he pontificates, rambles, and struggles to be concise. When Jay Leno asked him about Iraq, he dragged on for about 5 minutes without making much of a point.

I’m gonna give Fred Thompson a chance, and I’m look to see if he can get up to speed quick enough, and articulate concise position statements. (Like it or not, Presidential Politicking is done via bullet point, sound bite, and check list.)

Fred is a problem for my current choice, Mitt Romney. Mitt can’t really attack Fred from the right like he is doing with Rudy. Mitt will likely have to resort to his “never run a corner store” offense, which is his best line to date.

Fred is also a problem for all of the 2nd tier candidates. He will easily eat up the votes of the governors and senators who are struggling to find a voice and a popularity point in this race.

If the convention were held today, Republicans would have a choice between a super moderate Rudy, a very conservative Fred, or a guy named Mitt who fits somewhere in between.

Look on the bright side though, at least our candidate’s name would be only four letters and wouldn’t rhyme with Osama!!!

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