What a Guy

How does this man do it?  Bill Clinton definitely had the money line in last night’s speech:

People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example, than by the example of our power.

Bill was in rare form last night.  He is one of the most gifted politicians I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, able to pull speeches like this out of you-know-where and knock them out of the park.

Now, I have one major problem with the logic here.  I doubt a Vladamir Putin or a Mahmoud Ahmedinijad is paying much attention to America’s example.  Everyone guns for the person in first place, and America has gotten slightly complacent as the world’s leading nation.  However, my belief is that the only way America can stay on top in the long term is to always keep the moral high ground, to be above reproach and honest to ourselves and to the world.

That is all I have for today.  Pitiful, I know.  It was this or nothing at all.

4 thoughts on “What a Guy”

  1. The only problem I have with Bill Clinton saying this line is that he better hope people haven’t been impressed by the power of HIS example. Gifted, yes, very much so (and charming)–he’s amazing. Allowing all of that to be undermined by his inability to keep it in his pants? I’m not impressed with his example at all.

  2. Mr. Clinton needs to try that quote out on the thousands of families who lost loved ones on 9/11. Mr. Clinton’s “example”
    allowed Osama and Saddam to run free plotting and torturing and building up their machinations of war and hate during his entire tenure..
    Being passive isn’t all warm and fuzzy like it sounds…it comes with consequences.

  3. SERIOUSLY Thank you Adam and Alison. I like both your points. I think that people (the masses of other countries) are, yes, impressed with the U.S.’s overall quality of life, but does that WILL them to change, does that MOTVIATE them to recreate or evolve and model government after those 1st world countries (not jsut the U.S.) that have found success? No. You can’t tell me people are trying to be like the U.S. (especially on sheer example) In fact, there have been foreign scholars that have come to the U.S. and given speeches to the contrary. Telling us that we are conceited for thinking that everyone in the world wants the same system of government that we have… etc. It sounds like a “line” to me. And those of your friends that have been single women for any amount of time have heard many a “line” in their time. Just cause it sounds eloquent, doesn’t mean it’s true or good policy or anything of the sort. But that was Clinton’s bread and butter, sounding good (clever, charming what-have-you) but who knows if it will really work.

  4. So my Abnormal Child Psychology teacher randomly said today that Bill Clinton is very “Aspergery”. I’m definitely going to probe her more when we get to the lecture on asperger’s disorder on Thursday.

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