WhiteEyebrows vs. Habitat for Humanity

Last Thursday was my first experience on a Habitat for Humanity build.

Conclusion?  Building a habitat home is not as hard as building a cabin with your family.  My Dad has built cabins, sheds, and other structures, and I’ve often been one of his helpers.  I’ve sheet rocked and insulated my heart out… and that is hard work!  Helping to clean up the yard and cutting trim for windows was a cake walk.

All in all, though, it was a rewarding experience and a GREAT day off from staring at the fabric walls of my cubicle.


Nice house!


Me Working Hard



2 thoughts on “WhiteEyebrows vs. Habitat for Humanity”

  1. sounds like they didn’t know your potential to install Sheetrock and insulate, etc. And they just gave you the cush jobs.

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