WhiteEyebrows vs. Mother Superior (Post #400!)

Yes, my dear blog readership. Today I am celebrating my 400th post on WhiteEyebrows. I can’t say it’s been easy getting to this point, but we’ve made it together.


A few credits:

  • TLS for the constant comments and the blog takeover on special occasions
  • Tio and Mom for the nagging IM’s: “No blog today…”
  • FavUnc for not caring about American Idol so much
  • MRN for all of the proofreading and spelling corrections
  • My HP DL320 server for staying up when there’s electricity, and turning itself back on after there’s a power outage.
  • FavCuz for encouraging my early American Idol blogs so much (which drove me to do this)
  • Blog stalkers everywhere for constantly checking in, but never having the guts to comment.
  • Google for forwarding me all sorts of interesting search traffic on people looking for treatment of their white eyebrows.
  • Oh, and to Google for Analytics.  Bless you.
  • WordPress for supplying an awesome blog platform – and the many plugin developers…
  • all my readers who have not gotten sick of me yet.
  • all my readers (who aren’t reading this) who did get sick of me.
  • my stylist, manicurist, masseuse, short order cook, gardener, trash man, and mail man.
  • the universe.

Now for a special 400th post celebratory video!

Here is some rarely-seen footage of me singing one of my favorite musicals: “The Sound of Music.”  This was one of the first musicals I fell in love with as a kid, and I especially loved the song “Climb Every Mountain” which is sung by Mother Superior, the aged Reverend Mother of Maria’s convent. (I was fascinated by her vibrato and double chin.)

On special occasions… you might catch me singing her song… in her octave…

[flashvideo filename=/video/climb-short.flv /]

5 thoughts on “WhiteEyebrows vs. Mother Superior (Post #400!)”

  1. Yes! I’m the first one to comment on your 400th post! I actually was thinking of being the 1st blog stalker not to comment… but after seeing the video, I had to say, “Wow!” How in the world did you get that high?? That’s some fabulous singing.

  2. 1. Thanks for the props. A little tear came to the eye. Aw, the memories.

    2. You actually didn’t disappoint. You told me this post would be something special. We watched we laughed. We were amazed that you can still talk after that.

  3. That was hilari-I mean, deeply moving and spiritual. But I’m a little disappointed to not see ANY crystals or glitter at all on your microphone?? What’s up with that!?

  4. Is that real laughter or just the dubbed in kind you hear on sit-coms and scooby doo? I still prefer Feliz Navidad or “my United States of Whatever!” But that performance was stellar!

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