Why I Love My Wife

Just a few reasons I love this lady… for no particular reason.
  1. No pretense.  She ate a full meal when we had our first date.  She was hungry – so she ate.  None of this eating a pre-date meal so you can look like you don’t eat a lot stuff.
  2. Slow to judge.  She is always slow to judge someone based on limited information.  She’s no dullard, but she gives everyone a fair shot to prove they are idiots before calling them such.
  3. Generous.  She took what I thought was generous and took it to a whole new level.  Give til it hurts.
  4. Cuddler.  She likes to be near me, whether she feels good or not, and whether my breath stinks or not.
  5. Vegetables.  She makes me eat them.
  6. Thorough. She saves the yellow slip from church.  Our finances are all thoroughly audited.
  7. Encouraging.  She pushes me to my limits and then helps me manage the stress.
  8. Adventurous.  We’ll probably never vacation in the same place twice.
  9. Rut-free.  She can’t stand that I have a glass of Orange Juice and two Special K bars for breakfast every morning.
  10. Strong.  Unless it’s a spider or a lizard (in which case she turns into a totally stereotypical girl) she is not afraid of anything.
  11. She’s having my baby.

7 thoughts on “Why I Love My Wife”

  1. We can always count on Sam to come up with a really clever post 🙂 Love it… love you… love Aud… love the way that you love Aud 🙂 Have a great week with your fam. We will be missing you.

  2. Haha I love this post. Thanks for sharing. Great pic too, I was so there when this picture was taken. Oh wait I probably took this picture. Skydiving..woohoooooo!

  3. Love this! Aud is on the top of my favorite people list. It makes me happy that she married someone who appreciates her awesomeness.

  4. Right on…Audrey reminds me a lot like Mike and you know I think he walks on water so it’s neat to see a lot of his traits and personality in Audrey too. No wonder you love her so much : )

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