A Few Awards

I have two “I Didn’t Hate It” awards to give out today…

I Don't Hate It

The first blog doesn’t get the award because of profundity… it gets it for profanity… and the best kind of profanity… the innocent kind that comes out of unknowing, youthful lips… Add to that the homage to the ‘valley girl’ accent of the West, and it was irresistible for me to post this!  (Third bonus: it’s about my hometown, where there are SO many places I’d like to label with a large “Welcome to Hell” sign… in fact, they should just change out the freeway signs…)

Michael and Bonnie Foley: Is there a Hell in St George?

This second award goes out for a very unexpected heartwarming moment I had.  I love Christmas music with all my heart, and picturing this in my mind’s eye just made my day better…

Beej and Rae: Christmas in June

One thought on “A Few Awards”

  1. Ah, gee thanks. I accept with great pleasure. I’d deliver my lengthy and profound acceptance speech but we leave for St. George in a few hours and…WE’RE NOT READY. Imagine that.

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