Simple Truths: All a Matter of Perspective

When I was single, being a bachelor was all right.  It was great.  Life was good when I was a single bachelor.

When you’re married, though, and your wife leaves on a work trip… suddenly being a bachelor sucks a whole lot more than it ever did before!



4 thoughts on “Simple Truths: All a Matter of Perspective”

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Not long after we got married, Dianna took off on a week long trip for work. Now, this was not out of the ordinary- she had gone on many a week long business trip while we were dating and while we were engaged. And it wasn’t a problem. It never bothered me all that much. But after we got married………………………………………..I felt just like the picture you posted.
    Isn’t it crazy? I was totally okay with bachelor life as well. But once you have a good, and wonderful, and amazing woman in your life, you don’t want to be without her.
    I’ve decided that this feeling is the result of two things: first, being a newly wed. Second ( and most important ,) having a relationship that is healthy and happy and working. So congrats, you have a sign that you and your wife are doing something right!!! Just wait until she comes home. The happiness is awsome.

  2. Im gonna be in the same boat! Daniel and Jaden are headed to California tomorrow till middle of next week 🙁 It will be the longest period of time apart since we’ve been married. Matter of fact we havent been apart for more than a day so Im sure Ill be just like the picture..

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