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I hope you enjoyed the few days I gave you off of reading this blog last week. Here are some random thoughts to get the week going…


Thank goodness it’s over. There will be no ‘dream’ ticket, because Hillary is a nightmare. I’m not sure why everyone has to hate Hillary so much. I’ll be glad now that I can stop getting the Hillary hate mail in my inbox. Let’s be for reals, though… I respect her for such an historic candidacy. Hopefully the right woman (one with a little less baggage) will come along soon to become the first female president.

I will say that I’m not afraid of Barack. I’m slightly more afraid of McCain. But I don’t trust Barack, either. I’m afraid of a democrat president and a majority democrat congress, even though they will probably get even less done than the majority republican congress did with the republican president from 2000-2006. The only thing we seemed to get out of that was temporary tax cuts, the patriot act, and No Child Left Behind; all three being total wastes of paper.

Why does government have to be so useless?

I can tell you this: I am already sick of hearing from every Democrat in front of a microphone that McCain is George W Bush. I can appreciate this strategy for winning the election, but I’m going to get really tired of this line. While McCain does toe the party line at times, he is clearly different in so many ways that really matter.

iPhone 3g Announced

Steve Jobs just got done announcing the “iPhone 3G” with surprisingly little detail and no actual demo. The only facts we got was that this model is thinner, the back is black, it has 3g chip as well as a GPS chip, and that it would be $199 for the 8gb model and $299 for the 16gb model. It’s going to be available on July 11.

That’s it. That’s all we got.

I’m a little cheesed off that I have to wait until July 11. I have been planning this purchase for 1 year now, and I’m planning on using my economic stimulus money (thanks Dubbya) to put toward this crucial item!

Oh yeah, and Jobs announced that the worthless .mac service would be renamed “mobileme”. Don’t worry, I’m still not interested.


It’s that time of year again where people are leaving for vacations and doing all sorts of fun things. I like vacations. I like fresh air. I like getting out of the office and forgetting about work and life for a while. There’s something refreshing and invigorating, even though you inevitably return from a vacation more exhausted than when you left (and significantly broke-er too).

I don’t have any incredibly exciting vacations planned yet for this year, though, despite my new year’s resolution to take a vacation somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m hoping it will still come to fruition, although this whole economic bagel isn’t helping.

4 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts”

  1. W.E.,
    On behalf of all your faithful readers, welcome back from that dark place that last week took you to. We missed you. I’m hopeful you’ll catch a break this week and that life will in fact decide to quit picking on you. It sounds like you had your share, mine, and everyone else’s…all in a 7 day span. Meanwhile, here’s my suggestion for you. Take a vacay to a place you’ve never been, and more importantly to a place they’ve never heard of Barack, Hil-Dawg or angry white McCain and while there, order an iphone 3g to be delivered to your hotel. I think that oughtta do the trick. It’ll cure whatever ails ya. And send us a postcard. It’ll be a great trip. Heck, you’re so deserving, I’ll even water your plants while you’re gone.
    Bon Voyage!

  2. I agree – welcome back, and I hope things are going better!

    Wait till winter when it’s cold and miserable, and book a ticket to visit P & I in Sydney!

  3. Sounds like we need a boat trip. A good workout on the Ski or Tube always takes the mind on a vacation.

  4. Well, I’d say that you’re welcome to visit central Illinois for a vacation, but I don’t know that you’d really be interested in what this place has to offer. Cornfields is really all we’ve got. BUT, it would TOTALLY be inexpensive…

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