A Web 2.0 Wedding Gift

One of my favorite wedding gifts came from my friend Annike who lives too far away for any kind of traditional present.

Thankfully, limitation frees creativity, and her gift has been sitting on my desktop for months now, waiting for a moment to use it.  And now… it is time!

Her gift to me is this:

I Don't Hate It

I debated exactly what I was to do with her gift.  Should I just post it on my blog?  Should I incorporate it into my theme?  Should I post it next to the American Idol performance I hate the least?

After careful consideration, I have decided to make this my new, original blog award I will be giving fellow bloggers whose blogs I read and enjoy.  I will award this prize for particular posts, rather than a blog in general.  In other words, rather than just giving the award to all the blogs I read (which are many), I will give it to a blogger when a particular post of theirs makes me laugh hysterically, or is particularly touching or well done.

Or I’ll just forget about this in a few days and forget to do it entirely, like a real man would.

So let’s start this off right…

The first “Simon Says” Award goes to….


Stallion Cornell for his treatise: The Mormon Jesus and the Love of God

3 thoughts on “A Web 2.0 Wedding Gift”

  1. I LOVED that post. Stallion said it so well. Good work W.E! LOVE the graphic by Annike. How is it that you have such cool friends?

  2. I am so flattered! Truly, I am honored to be such an honored friend. I can’t wait to see this award floating around the blogosphere!

  3. I read the link. It was awesome. Of course, I also read the comments- after all, that is part of the fun of the blogosphere.
    Isn’t it interesting that so many people who willingly choose to read a blog get offended by the positions expressed in it? If you don’t want to read things you don’t agree with. Stop reading!
    Anyway, I heartily support your award for this particular blog.

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