Going Against the Wedding Grain

Each culture has its own wedding traditions, and our family and culture is no different.

During our wedding planning, we had decided several key things that we wanted to do a little differently.  In the planning phase, some of our ideas were met with praise, while others were kind of panned.

For example, we didn’t want to be stuck (or stick our family) in a receiving line, wanted a non-traditional guest book (something we’d actually look at in the future), moved the typical day-of family wedding dinner to the night before, gave a few suggestions for non-traditional gift giving, and more.

In practice, some of these things went better than others.  We had to give up a few of the ideas, modify others, but some of them actually went even better than planned!

One of the most memorable moments of the wedding reception came from one of these ideas.  My wife decided that rather than throwing the bouquet, we would give it to the person at the reception who had been married the longest.

It turned out that person was my Aunt Alcea.  She had been married 52 years!

What made it special, though, was the fact that she is the nicest, quietest, most unassuming of little ladies anyone will ever meet, and she was just delighted to be honored like that, tearing up a bit, too.

Seeing the true surprise and delight in her face was a beautifully touching moment I won’t soon forget!


7 thoughts on “Going Against the Wedding Grain”

  1. That idea was brilliant! I loved it, so screative and it was in fact very touching.

  2. Alcea was thrilled beyond words. She has always been a giver and not a taker. She said to me that she will remember it always..

  3. It was perfect too, because while her husband has been in poor health for awhile and not able to attend the latest family functions, he WAS able to come to the wedding, which was so neat to see him. So they were there together and were honored by you guys. I thought it was great. Alcea IS a wonderful person!

  4. I too loved this take on the boquet! I don’t think the moment could have been any better. It was such a sincere gesture and the sweetest surprised reaction from Alcea. PERFECT.

  5. I want to personally thank you for not making the “single ladies” stand there and pretend to fight over some flowers. Also, it was great to see Alcea honored like that. 52 years! And my mom thought she had a chance…

  6. Can I just mention that it’s a beautiful bouquet? So bright and cheerful! And what a wonderful idea. Might steal it someday.

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