Top 8 Idols Reviewed

I don’t have a lot to say about this week’s idols.  I just didn’t love it.  So here are the abbreviated versions.


It was just OK for me.  Not great.  He was pulling a totally cheesy/fake smile at the end there.


Well, I’ll say that this week was not a step forward for Kris.  Maybe it wasn’t a step backward either, but it certainly wasn’t a ‘moment’ like he has had for the last few weeks.  Maybe he is more suited to those naughty ‘make love to the camera’ songs.

Randy got it right… we just totally lost him in the song and the arrangement.


First, with heels like that, you are smoking before you even open your mouth to sing.  But something is wrong with Lil.  She just hasn’t quite blossomed on the show, yet.  I’m scared for her.  She will probably leave in the next few weeks, when I hoped that she would leave closer to the top 4 or 3.

Anoop Dawg

Anoop’s true colors are green and white stripes, pale pink tie, with blue shirt?  I guess.  When they announced he was doing “true colors”, I wept like a child.  I hate, hate, hate Cindy Lauper.  Hate.  Surprisingly, I liked the arrangement a lot.  It was quite current, but I don’t think he did much with it.  I think/hope Anoop will go home next.  He’s outstayed his welcome for me.


Tamara called her dress the “equivalent of a mullet.” Which was the quote of the year for me!

I love Alison’s voice.  Love it.  Love it.  I REALLY hope she is in the finale.  16?  You have to be kidding me.  She is amazing..


What to say about Scott that I haven’t said before… hmm… nothing.  The song wasn’t special.  He hit the high notes, but it was the ones in between that sounded crappy.  He was just all over the map, vocally.  I know, I know, it’s amazing that a blind guy can stand there and pick up a guitar and play, just as it is amazing that he can do the same (brilliantly) with the piano – but it doesn’t change the fact that if a song like that came on the radio, I’d flip the station.


FINALLY!  There is the Matt we were all hoping to see for the past 4 weeks!  The question is, does he have the time to really keep this up and build up a following, enough to get him to the top echelon?  He really needs to come out now week after week and do exactly what he did last night, give us that bluesy R&B Matt!


Well, I have to eat what I’ve said about Adam a bit.  He is just amazing, and is a lock on the championship unless someone can take it from him.  As far as the weirdness goes, I think that is what happens to extra talented people like him.  They are way too influenceable, way too versatile for their own good.  If the guy can pull off the creepy, skin crawling thing he did in week 2, then turn around and do something like this?  He has wicked mad skillz.

This last song definitely would have warranted a video, except my recording cut off toward the end of his song.  It was one of the most awesome things I’ve heard on Idol… pretty much ever.  It’s right up there with Kathrine McPhee’s “Over the Rainbow” and Archuleta’s “Imagine.”  It was that good.

9 thoughts on “Top 8 Idols Reviewed”

  1. I am so embarrassed, but I got emotional when adam sang. I mean it was freaky. I just was moved by his talent. And I am not one to do that too often. I think he made everyone else (except maybe Allison and Matt) look amateur.

    He is jaw dropping and I think has out-paced Danny and is about to lap him. Danny is cute and fun and boy next door, but Adam is a PERFORMER. He sucks you in and you realize afterward that all along you have forgotten to breathe. It’s really getting more and more obvious week by week who is the next superstar and who are great singer from yours and my hometowns.

  2. I am SO angry. My recording cut off too. . . maybe they ran late? I have no idea.

    I’ve been gunning for Scott to go for weeks. The sympathy vote can only get you so far. He is AWKWARD on stage. He should be a song writer. It’s more appropriate for him as a career. He’ll never be a pop star, so he shouldn’t stay.

    That said, I think Anoop is going this week. And I’m OK with that too.

  3. I have to agree about Adam. I realized last night, that he’s the only
    one in the competition that actually keeps me on my toes every week.
    Creepy or not, he’s really good and really memorable.

    By the way, the pics of him as a nerdy, red-head kid made me hope that
    WE will never, ever die his hair black and start wearing black nail
    polish. You never know with those theatre people, I’m just sayin…

  4. They ran WAY late, like 10 minutes late. My recording cut off but luckily my DVR could rewind back cause i was on that channel and watch it. That has been pretty frustrating to me aobut AI. They have been the biggest show for a long time can’t they get a producer that can pace the show? There has been MANY shows in many years where my DVR has cut off. Even on kickoff shows where it’s all filler anyway. This year seems particularly bad because there have been many weeks when the last one or 2 contestants the judges are just rushing through saying quick one liners to the contestants. I don’t understand what’s going wrong that they can’t pace the show right.

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