American Idol Finale Party

SAVE THE DATE for the much anticipated American Idol Season 7 Finale Party.  The party will be Wednesday, May 21st.

It is a DRESS UP LIKE YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT OR JUDGE FROM AMERICAN IDOL party.  There will be prizes for the most creative and/or unexpected costumes.  (you don’t have to come dressed up if you don’t want to)

For all of you closeted AI fans, now is the time to show your true colors and make yourself known to society at large!

If you have any ideas for things we should/could/would do to make this party awesome, let me know.


4 thoughts on “American Idol Finale Party”

  1. I’m sad yet not too sad that I won’t be attending this splendid event. I was however involved in the research behind the party if you will remember, so it’ll kind of be like I’m there…even though I won’t be there.

  2. whaaaaa… not a good way to start off the RSVPs. Maybe we need to have a two day party… Tuesday and Wed, so everyone gets a chance enjoy.. 🙂

  3. I won’t be able to make it Tuesday as I will be flying home-but I might be able to make a late entrace on Wednesday…I’ll let you know!

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