American Idol – Top 2 Reviews

Well, the last time we will hear idols sing this year in competition for the title… how does it make you feel? A little melancholy? Me too.

Wow… the Kodak theatre, its big. Was there a 6th balcony up there that they couldn’t fit into the frame?? 🙂 Oh look there’s Ryan Seacrest.

Time to give out MY AI awards:
1) Most improved cast member: Ryan Seacrest. This guy has gone from bubble-gum smacking smarmy hip host to a serious contender for Life-After-American-Idol. Over the seasons, this show has helped him go from “hip ambiguous sexuality man” to “serious reality TV host” (if that last phrase isn’t too much of an oxymoron for you, try this one on for size: Ryan Seacrest, you have secured your spot in the “Smarmy Host Hall of Fame.” Maybe when Bob Barker finally croaks you’ll be the presumptive takeover of the world’s longest running game show.

2) Most outrageous auditioner: Rhonetta. I just re-watched your 2 seconds of stardom and was awestruck by the booty not-quite-white trash that you are. if you are brave. She has beat william hung for the title. Thanks william for giving this previously closeted, psycho-american demographic a voice.

3) My favorite Judge: Simon Cowell, of course. Randy says Dawg too much, Paula is too positive, and Simon, well you try to give an honest evaluation. Good work. I enjoy you the most in the individual auditions, and sometimes I want to slap you when you say things like “you’re the winner today”. Fact is, you know how much pull you have with the voters, you lke to manipulate them, and for that I like you the most.

4) Contestants I liked: Mandisa, Elliot, Kathrine, Chris

5) Contestants who I liked but wouldn’t vote for: Paris, Taylor

5) Contestants I hated: The Britnum Twins, Brenna Gethers, Chicken Little Boy, Bucky, Ace

Now the the finale review:
First of all, Taylor was lucky to go second. This gives him the last moment, the last word, and the final image you see.

Loved Taylor’s first song. It showed exactly who he was and why he should win. Who lied to him about that Jacket is what I wanted to know?

Loved Kat’s first song. Much better than when she did it for the first time and just sat on the floor.

I was nervous when Kat busted out with Rainbow again. I thought: how could she do it any better than the first time. Honestly to me, she sounded pretty much the same on it, but that is one of those songs that can just entrance you in real life if you’re seeing it… and apparently it did.

Taylor’s second song was good. This is where I started thinking, why are we just re-singing the stuff you did well on earlier in the season. Sure, its not a time for taking big chances, but come one – we’re bored. Maybe they should have had the judges pick songs for them again. I thought they did a good job with that last time.

Third songs beg for no comment. The songs were terrible. I don’t know who wrote those for them and why they couldn’t get someone with talent to write them. They were hoakie, boring, formulaic, and musically the exact same (just check out the key change before the last verse… you music theory people will know what to call it, but it was EXACTLY the same). Taylor made his lemon into better lemonade than Kat, so simon declares him the winner.

After careful evaluation of the episode, and taking into consideration all of the everything I know… I voted for Taylor. I think he will be more unique and interesting for the industry. He will sing for a more niche audience, so as far as sweeping the world star power goes, maybe Kat has it more than Taylor, but only time will really tell. One thing’s for sure: Chris, Elliot, Katherine, and Taylor ALL have the chance of a lifetime now to go and see if they can really hack it. I think they all proved themselves. America picked the top 5 well (i’ll throw paris in there), but now its up to them to surround themselves with some good people and go for it, for reals. Non-fox style.

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