American Idol – Season 5 Finale

that’s right folks… get ready for the soul patrol to come knocking on your door, dragging you out into the street, and causing mass hysteria nation-wide. Taylor Hicks is our newest American Idol. Can I get a “WOOOO” with a quick shift to the back and left, followed by continous calls to the “SOUL PATROL”???

Last night’s finale was, overall, really neat. One of the best season finales as of yet.

It had high points and low points… here are some:

Low point: Katherine singing with Meatloaf (that guy can’t sing…)

High Point: The judge’s videos. “I get so emotional baby” and “I’m too sexy”… “DAWWWG!”

Low point: PRINCE (OK, its a well known fact that NO ONE in the world likes Prince. ugh… that must have been like 10 minutes long of those nasty chicks rubbing up against each other. Is American Idol now the place not only to launch new music careers but to revive lost causes??)

High Point: Seeing Elliots mom get the idol award for best family moment, then seeing Ryan and her struggle to decide who was going to kiss who where and when.

Low point: Seeing ace’s smirky ugly face and weenie voice again.

High Point: seeing Chris Daughtery sing with Live. (I liked listening to him more than Live’s lead singer) Proof in the pudding – he is READY! Please, someone, give him a good gig!

Low point: When the british guy (probably simon’s friend) was trying to hand ryan the envelope and tell him that his company certified the results while the people were yelling and screaming for him to get off stage.

High Point: hearing Mandisa sing part of I’m Every Woman (pleeeeeeease let that be on her album!! then let the symbolism fly…)

Low point: Chicken Little… that little solo he sang with the girls behind the piano doing the up-down-piston thing… Oh wow… quality control OBVIOUSLY missed a rehearsal.

High point: The look on that WEIRD Clay Aiken look alike’s face when clay actually started singing his song and scared him 1/2 to death. Then how he started yelling into Clay’s face while the man was trying to sell a record or two.

Low point: Seeing how clay aiken somehow managed to get UGLIER with all that money and fame. (but less nerdy)

High point: The award and recap of Rhonetta… please see yesterday’s post for more detail 🙂

Low point: the return of crying cowboys and dave the freak. Why does american idol continue to give these LOSERS a voice? Don’t they know american is already laughing at them?

Well, thats enough. Feel free to reply with your high points and low points. Its odd that a finale would be so weird… so many really nice things mixed with so many awful or just plain weird things.

Either way… Taylor won, fireworks went off, life is good. Alabama has now produced 3 american idols, and ALL of the idols have come from the South (if you count texas as south). Hmm… maybe the south should have seceded from the union and created the United Musicians States of Simon Cowell.

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