American Idol – Top 3 Reviews

If they would have shown that film of Elliot on Tuesday night, his percentage would have KILLED every other percentage. Wow, does that boy have some fans. No screaming teenagers and rope lines for Katherine… No first pitch for Taylor (can taylor even throw a ball?)

So… america… this is where it stands. Our Rock Star idols are gone. We are now stuck with the two hacks. They can sing, but they are hacks. It will be very interesting to see who I go with for the American Idol between those two. I’ve been stumping for Katherine more often than not, but Taylor has been pulling out the stops lately. I LOVE the song he sang last night. Its the one he sang in the top 32 when he proved to the world he was the MOST awkward dancer in the world.

Paula… what a flowing river of tears snot and goo… you crack me up.

Isn’t Elliot’s mom the sweetest thing ever? I would want him to win just to see his mom get all overwhelmed again.

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