American Idol – Top 4 Reviews

I’m sorry for the delay today. I was in a meeting from 9am to 6:40pm.

Yesterday was one of the great AI episodes. This is the list based on last night only:

1. Elliot, you brought it last night! Both songs were awesome! I was concerned for you tonight and you convinced me to give you your vote.

2. Chris really slipped today. The voting will be closer than ever. Not that he didn’t do really well, but the others really stepped it up. What was with the sunglasses? DUMB!!!

3. Taylor, you are hanging on. You did a great job last night, but the last 3-4 weeks have been not so good. You barely got the #3 spot.

4. Based on last night ,you were the weakest. I’d hate to see you go, but it wasn’t good DAWG.

Sorry this is shorter, i’m being distracted by my meeting.

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