Another Tragedy

In case you haven’t heard the news, there has been another fatal school shooting, this time at Northern Illinois University, outside of Chicago.

From what I could gather from the news brief, the gunman entered from a door on the lecture hall stage and opened fire facing the crowd.  Six people were killed.

Which leads me to ask this question: why???  Why do these people enter our temples of learning, and do such senseless violence?  Why prey on the innocent young people, whose lives are just beginning?

The fact that schools have become the madman suicide shooter’s location of choice just triples the tragedy for me.  Our universities represent one of the pinnacles of our modern society. We put great resources and importance to the development of our minds and the enhancement of our societal understanding.  Our schools represent the ultimate in openness and freedom of thought.

Then someone goes in and shoots up the place, contrary to the very foundation and idea of the university.  Suddenly a place of openness and freedom turns into a place of terror and distrust.

It’s hard to make sense of it all.

2 thoughts on “Another Tragedy”

  1. Well if you wonder why he chose a school just think about it. If you want to shoot somebody you probably don’t want anybody to shoot back. Are these schools allowing weapons into their halls? Of course not. The chance of someone besting you is very slim. Sad thing really.

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