Top 24 is Chosen

I’m not going to have much to say here. It was kind of a boring episode, as it should be. I mean, how long can we watch these poor people cry and sob, and how predictable is it that they are going to tease with the ones who cry and sob but make it anyway… ugh. Some times reality TV bugs me.

Pro: Mr. Fake British Accent did not make it. He was an interesting fellow, but just kind of rubbed me the wrong way for the weirdest reasons. Maybe it was that he lives in his car, and the car wasn’t a hybrid or something. I don’t know. I just have this inexplicable negative feeling toward him. I think he might have a future, if he can just umm… grow up a bit.

Con: Why don’t we get to see more of the Hollywood auditions of the people who don’t make it? This would have made today’s blog so much better, as I would get to totally disagree with the judges on something. Grrr…

And to go along with that, why do you doctor the Hollywood week episode for those people you want in the top 24 but who screw up? (Brooke White) I’m a little frustrated with the editing here.

MAJOR CON: How come you ignored my Jelly during Hollywood week? HELLO! I didn’t’ even know she was in the top 50. We didn’t see anything since her first audition. I almost defected to a skinnier chick! I think this year I’m going to have to have 2 womens though. ‘Cause while Jelly has the equipment, Syesha has the voice that should have gone along with it. I just want a woman who can take paint off the walls… is that too much to ask???

Pro: Simon really wanting Kyle the Oxford Shirt Man to be in the Top 24. I thought that was one of the most classy moments ever, even if he still had to say no. (Which remains the correct decision, I’m afraid. His voice was just way too untrained in comparison to the others.)

Con: No Obama or Clinton commercials. Shucks.

Pro: All my other picks (besides Car Man) made it in.

Con: So many of these singers I have yet to hear anything substantial from… this will make next week’s performances crucial!

That is all. Let the comments flow.

Oh and PS > Someone needs to give Paula a lesson on how to draw a metaphor… the whole sYESha thing was a great idea which was totally bungled!

4 thoughts on “Top 24 is Chosen”

  1. I just can’t believe they made a whole episode out of telling the contestants yes or no. I too am not at all sad that Josiah didn’t make it. He seems majorly unstable. I am surprised that we haven’t heard of his “accidental drug overdose” death, yet.

  2. Chloe loved the large black man who was really happy.. she wanted to see him but they did not show him on the walk to the chair.

  3. Yay that David A. made it through! And I agree with FavUnc about whatshisname – he didn’t even make it and they didn’t show that after all the coverage last time!

    P.S. Some of them shouldn’t have been dancing (trying to dance) at the end – yikes!

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