Becoming One of Them

Last Saturday my fiance and I attended a church meeting.  Afterwards, we were starving, so we went where any decent Mormon would go after a Saturday church meeting – Braums.

While at Braums, one other person came over to us and introduced themselves, asking what congreagation we were from.  We said we were from the Dallas 11th Ward, but would be moving to the Wylie 2nd Ward soon.  They were estatic… and asked us to join them – two couples who had gone together to the same meeting.

They apologized for ignoring us, but I said – “no it’s OK – we are used to being in our own little world.”

As I was sitting there enjoying my 1/3lb nastily delicious hamburger with our new-found friends, it hit me like a ton of bricks… we are hanging out with MARRIED people!


I suddenly hit panic mode, and my fiance could see it in my face.  I thought, “You’re not single, I don’t know how to relate to you!!!”

It’s kind of the same as graduating from 8th grade, and going to the big bad high school as a Freshman.  Everyone else seems SO much older and more advanced than you, but they look at you and think – that was me just yesterday.  I mean, I have been very happy and comfortable for many years as the older-than-average single guy in a singles congregation.  I’ve learned how to play my cards, be involved, and still do my own thing.

I’m in uncharted waters now.

One married couple, friends from singledom who we went on our first ‘couples date’ with, warned us; you think you’re done dating after you get married, but you’re not.   You begin dating other couples.  They have some incredibly hilarious, long, drawn out stories about this that I won’t even begin to try and retell (I can’t do it justice!), but suffice it to say that in just a few years of marriage, they’ve already had everything from blessed unions to sad misunderstandings to nasty break ups!

The good news?  Well, even as my universe keeps shrinking around myself, my fiance, and our future life – I see a broadening on the horizon, and perhaps new relationships ahead.

6 thoughts on “Becoming One of Them”

  1. I love it! It really is just a continuation of dating. It still is nerve wracking going out with a new couple and sometimes you continue to go out with another couple even if it’s not working because you don’t want to break it off. Sometimes you have the old stand by’s that aren’t that exciting but at least they are comfortable. Welcome to the world of mormon swinging.

    P.S. Just watched American Idol. THink we found your WOH Man ( I can’t think how you spell it) for the season. SHE ROCKED IT!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! Just wait, if you ever move you have to start the process all over again. That is where we are right now.

  3. You’ll have to hide your blog from your new ward so you can tell your loyal readers all about your new experiences dating other couples.

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