Top 36 – Group 3

Sorry for being a day late with this… But it’s been a busy busy week.

Here we go…

Von Smith

His face does funny things when he sings.  His mouth is way too big for his face, and this is coming from a fellow big-mouth.  The Marvin Gaye song wasn’t his thing… his low range doesn’t do him any favors, but the high notes are fun.  He does have a fun high range.

Tailor Vaifanua

Dear Ryan Seacrest… I know it’s hard for you, but it’s pronounced HURRI-cun.  Not Hurri-CANE.  Even though it’s spelled that way, anyone whose ever been there knows better.

She already gets the award for best fake bake.  The first part of her song was awful, but the second part when she started to connect to her song and really open up on it, was nice.

Alex Wagner-Trugman

“Short reps of low weight. I’m pretty weak.”

Yeah… it wasn’t good.  Is this amateur hour at American Idol?  I’ve

Arianna Afsar

She totally sang an old lady song, although she sang it really well.  The problem is, you don’t make a song “contemporary” by just riffing and running all over the place.  In fact, for good song with a simple melody, it can be a kiss of death.  The question is, will it be enough?  I think she’s a candidate for a wild card, if she doesn’t get through tonight.

Ju’not Joyner

I think the handcuffs on his belt are very shiny.  Is that him threatening to make a citizens arrest?  I will say, I like this song.  I think he sang it well, but I dont’ know if it’s memorable enough to make it into tonight’s Top 3…

He had a coritzone shot?  In his butt.  For athsma and smoking?  I didn’t know they were recommended for that…

Kristen McNamara

Is “Karaoke Host” a real job?  If so, how did I miss that gravy boat?  Is it too late for a career change?!?!  Please send me the paperwork!

Regarding the singing… she is capable.  And I think she picked a song she could sing and sound good on.  There’s something that bugs me about her personality… she isn’t likeable enough to be an American Idol – in spite of being a capable singer.

Nathanial Marshall

Hmm… So Nathanial

Braun 1: When he goes to his hair dresser what does he say?

Braun 2: Do you know any cute guys?

This was the totally wrong song for him.  He can’t rock hard enough for it, is the problem.  Just watch his hands… no rocker I’ve ever seen has had so carefully choreographed hand movements.

People know what they’re getting into with him… it’s a personality, not a musician.  I wish he had as much style in his voice as he tries to have in his fashion and dress.

I’m definitely willing to show you more…
– Nathanial

Paula actually said one thing that was right… this was the Boy George version of that song.  It just didn’t work for me…

Simon, would you like a garter on your head?

Felicia Barton

Her first 10 notes were better than all the other contestants put together!  Her song was hip and new and awesome.  It really showcased her.  She can rock harder than Nathanial can… My only problem is that the song failed to climax… Simon was right to say that the first part of the song was better than the second, but i’m surprised he wasn’t more jazzed up about that.

Scott MacIntyre

He has a nice tone for James Taylor-esque songs.  He could do some good folk music. Really.. he needs to go more there, and less toward the rock stuff.

I was concerned about this one… based on his performance in Hollywood, I wondered if putting him through was just based on his disability.  But he had some moments in that song that showed he was a good singer.  His vocals aren’t perfect… he gets shaky toward ends of phrases and is uncomfortable sometimes.

I agree there, he is one of the few unforgettable personalities in the competition.

After the break, thank you for Randy and Kara showing us that it actually does take some style to do Ryan’s job.

Kendall Beard

If we had to put someon through based on their shoulder choreography, she is totally in!  And she’s totally gunning for the country vote… I’m not convinced she’s really a country girl, though.  She looks like a valley girl gone country.

OK… Kara really needs to stop banging the table.

And I agree with Simon… perhaps he hates Country as much as I do… but I couldn’t wait until it ended either.

Jorge Nunez

I think Jorge would have drawn more fans if he stuck with a real latin flair.  He doesn’t suck at the Elton John song.. he can hang there on a note.  He does look a little possessed when he sings.

You heart him, don’t you.
– Simon (to Paula)

You just can’t hate this guy though.  He’s not as annoying as Nathanial.  He’s actually quite endearing… and you kind of hope he gets through.

Lil Rounds


She has the pipes.  She has the intesity.  She looks like a pro up there.  She can peel paint off the walls, but isn’t overwrought or overdone.  Nice ending.  The ending totally made this song.  The first was kind of shaky for me.. it took her a minute to slip into the pocket of the song and really feel it.  … But she paid the bills at the end of that song!  In fact, she overpaid them!

She does know who she is, and has been that since the beginning.

And she’s shorter than Ryan… as opposed to our resident Amazon woman, Fantasia.

My Top 3

  • Lil Rounds
  • Felicia
  • Ju’not

If America Votes for Personalities

  • Scott
  • Jorge
  • Felicia

Best Vocals

  • Felicia
  • Lil Rounds
  • Jorge / Ju’not

Who Will Make It

  • Scott
  • Lil Rounds
  • Jorge

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