Buying a Toothbrush

04_05_reachtoothbrush_lrg.jpgFor the past 3 days I have been trying to buy a toothbrush. I lost my current toothbrush when I was on vacation. It got lost at my sister’s house after I errantly left it on the bathroom counter, in full reach of the four girls all under the age of 8. After checking to make sure it wasn’t in the toilet (most such things end up there eventually), I gave up. I wasn’t planning on using it again even if I found it.

So the first night I returned from vacation, I got the toothbrush I always use, a “Reach” brand with gum massaging bristles. I put it in my cart, I purchased it, but while in a hurry to leave the store, left it on the checkstand along with my milk.

There’s 10 bucks I would never see again.

The next time I was at the store, I put it in my cart, but somehow it never made it to the checkout. I didn’t realize this until I was back home. I even checked my receipt to make sure I wasn’t charged (again) for a toothbrush I never received.

Third time’s a charm. Last night I finally successfully acquired my toothbrush, paid for it, and brought it home. I am very excited to use it today.

Small victories.

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