Being Michael Collins

If you’ve turned on the TV or radio in the last few days, you will have heard something about yesterday being the 40th anniversary of the 1969 Apollo moon landing.  This historic event made Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin household names and legends in their time.

But if you know much about the Apollo landing, you’ll know that there was a third guy who didn’t get to walk on the moon.  He stayed in the Command Module which orbited the moon while his colleagues landed and made history there.  His name, if you don’t know, was Michael Collins.

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I Believe…

I believe…

…that itches should be scratched.

…money is made to be spent on those you love and doing things you love.

…that days should not pass without a kind word.

…that blogging is climbing on the roof and shouting really loud.  You’d like to think someone is listening, but no one usually is.

…that work is the opposite of leisure, but should not be the opposite of pleasure.

…that a stick, a rock, and an imagination can take children much further than all the plastic in China.

…that love is as hard to hold as a moonbeam, and that you have to recapture it every day of your life.

…that laughter and smiles are the only remedy for sadness and stress.

…that this is my 500th post on

Let the celebration begin!

Am I a Know-It-All?

brain-763982-1No one likes a know-it-all.

I learned this early in my life through both secular school and Sunday School.  I was the nerdy kid who knew most of the answers.  I was self-assured, well-taught, and extroverted enough to never have much of a problem raising my hand and answering the question.

Then I became a teenager, and wondered what happened to my peers.  Suddenly, they totally lost a pulse, and getting them to comment in school, answer a question, or even have an opinion was like pulling teeth sometimes.  I never really suffered from this teenage phenomenon.  Sure, I was concerned with being cool and fitting in….

… well, actually I wasn’t.  I was more concerned about being right.

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The Channelization of the Internet

Earlier this year, I wrote about voyeurism and losing our souls to the internet.  The premise of the post was that the representations that we make of ourselves online can eventually replace other people’s actual/real perceptions of us – and that it can destroy your soul, basically.

I’d like to continue this conversation by pointing out that the internet has been going through a dramatic change.  In the technology industry we call it “Web 2.0”, but no one really knows what that actually means… so let me try to explain what this is and what I see it doing to our society.

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