WhiteEyebrows vs. The HOV Lane

I love Texas.  I moved here 3 years ago thinking that it would just be a temporary stop on my way to bigger and better things, but soon realized that this was the bigger and better thing I was looking for!

Case in point: they recently installed a new HOV lane on one of our major highways, Highway 75.  This HOV goes for about 15-20 miles without an entrance or exit, being separated from the other lanes by plastic pole barriers spaced too closely to allow for cheating. When you’re in it, you’re in it!

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WhiteEyebrows vs. The Fruit Flies

Some time last week, my home office was infested with fruit flies.  I’m not sure how it happened.  Usually fruit flies are attracted to (among other things) fruit, and everyone who knows me knows that I have the worst time keeping fresh fruit in the house. How the fruit fly infestation occurred, I will never know.

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WhiteEyebrows vs. The Lightbulb

You know something is wrong when you’re Googling: “how to change a lightbulb”…

Yes, my friends, last night I arrived home to find that I had, indeed, left my exterior lights on all night and all day long – and I noticed that one of them was finally burned out (2.5 years is pretty good for an exterior incandessant bulb, no?)

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