WhiteEyebrows vs. Women’s Liberation

Last night, as we were settling into bed for the night, my wife informed me that I would sleeping on the north side of the bed. (to be specific, she didn’t say “north”, she said “that” side… mostly because women don’t have any sense of direction… BAM… it’s on!)

We’ve talked and teased about not having assigned sides of the bed quite often.  It’s one of our favorite running jokes.  But last night it particularly struck my funny bone.  So in the heat of the tease, I then assigned her the task of going to turn off the bathroom light, checking all the doors, and making sure the garage door was closed if she was going to be sleeping on the man’s side of the bed.  She responded by turning on the patented female pouty face and started carrying on about being scared of the dark and scared to lock things and shut things.


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Becoming One of Them

Last Saturday my fiance and I attended a church meeting.  Afterwards, we were starving, so we went where any decent Mormon would go after a Saturday church meeting – Braums.

While at Braums, one other person came over to us and introduced themselves, asking what congreagation we were from.  We said we were from the Dallas 11th Ward, but would be moving to the Wylie 2nd Ward soon.  They were estatic… and asked us to join them – two couples who had gone together to the same meeting.

They apologized for ignoring us, but I said – “no it’s OK – we are used to being in our own little world.”

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WhiteEyebrows vs. Eskimo Joe

eskimo-joesGrowing up in southern Oklahoma, I always saw people wearing clothing from a restaurant called “Eskimo Joe’s.”  It is a very memorable logo; an eskimo with a huge toothy grin on his face along with his dog.  I didn’t know much about Eskimo Joe’s except that it was a restaurant and that everyone seemed to have a shirt from there.

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