Could it really be Wednesday?

Labor day just screws everything up.

Here it is Wednesday, and I feel like it’s barely Monday.  I’m just started to get going on the many things I need to do this week (blogging being one of them), and soon the week will be over.

So, this post is going to be a mish-mash, catch-you-up.  Sorry if it’s a little underdeveloped and hit-and-miss – it’s what you’re getting, so you’d better just be grateful!

The Jonah Curse is Broken.

During college, I worked for BYU Athletic Communications.  I was at every single BYU sporting event for three years.  This included: Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball (Men’s and Women’s), and even a tennis match once.

The ironic thing is, I was NOT a sports fan.  I had the best job in the world, coveted by most male BYU coeds, with sideline passes to everything, and I was completely ambivalent about it.

Now, part of it wasn’t my fault.  There is a rule in college sports that there is to be no cheering on “press row”, which includes the press box in Football.  These guys were there to do a job, and although most of them were BYU fans, they all had the “rah-rah-rah” beaten out of them by years of writing about sports.  (Read: telling the same stories over and over again)

So I was trained wrong.  I wasn’t trained correctly like most college sports fans were: in the stands chanting and waving my arms like a goofball.  And anyone who has a husband will attest, men are hard to re-train.

What’s worse is that my 3 years of unfettered access to all things BYU are the ONLY three years in BYU history where we had losing football seasons.  It was a rare treat to see players and coaches coming into the post-game interview room looking cheerful.  In fact, I saw more eyes on the floor during that time than I did in all my years in the middle school locker room.

Then I graduated and moved to Texas.  I have been to two football games since (Tulsa and TCU last year) and both were the most frustrating butt-whoopings we’ve received in the last three years.

I swear, I am Jonah… throw me overboard, because I have been jinxing BYU Football for the last 6 years…


Holy crap!  Did you see BYU beat OU?  No, I mean did you see them BEAT them?

They didn’t get a lucky break.  They weren’t just tricksy little hobbits out there against the large ogres of middle Oklahoma.  No, they went toe to toe, play after play, and slugged it out for the win.

Sure, maybe if Sam Bradford would have been there for that final OU drive, they might have scored.  But he wasn’t there, and we won.

Niener niener niener!

I will say that unlike BYU fans, OU fans have class.  I got hugs and high fives from several drunk people.  Some said “see you at the rose bowl” in between sobs over losing their Heisman winner for the next month.  Classy bunch.  They know how to lose.

Maybe my Jonah curse has finally been broken!

Jerry World

I do have a few notes for Jerry Jones on my experience in Cowboys Stadium.

  1. Get a real scoreboard, Jerry.  Having a little score readout on the ends of the video strips isn’t good enough.  With all the video real estate you have in there, I want some stats.  I want some real info.
  2. Dude, your video board rocks.  There’s  just nothing else to say.  High Def, baby.  Bring it!
  3. The stadium feels great.  Pretty intimate and open for 80k seats.
  4. The a/c sucks, especially when you and the other 80k people are generating more body heat than normal by screaming and jumping up and down.
  5. The glass openings on the ends of the stadium are awesome.

The stadium was completely a HOME game for OU.  Everything about the game was OU OU OU.  The videos, the advertisement strips, the band, etc.  It was not a neutral court by any means, despite the 15-20k Cougar fans that showed up.

Yard Update

Yesterday I got an epiphany for my back yard, and we are ready to move ahead.  We are going to have a long stream/water feature running down the length of the patio/yard.

Now I just need a cheap concrete subcontractor.  Ben, are you available?

Really, all I want is for some HGTV or DIY host to knock on my door with an army of interns to transform my back yard.  Is that possible?

My Wife Rocks

My wife just got a new responsibility at church: she is 1st counselor to the Young Women’s program.  She is in charge of the 14 & 15 year olds.  She is going to be sooooo good at this.  The bad part is, she is now gone every Wednesday. For the past two weeks this has meant that I get to do 1) the yardwork and 2) my own church work while she is gone.  I’m not loving this whole apart-for-an-evening-every-week thing, but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.

We are almost to our 6 month anniversary, people.

Life is awesome.

This is all.

One thought on “Could it really be Wednesday?”

  1. How on earth did you end up with that job in college? And how was I completely clueless to the fact that that was your job? Weird. . .

    I have to admit. . . we don’t care about sports either, but we got pretty excited about that game. It really was impressive.

    Thanks for not screwing it up.

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