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paul-smith-socks-784860Last night, my wife was giving me a hard time about putting away the laundry.

You see, I don’t mind starting a load, or moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer, or even helping to fold the laundry, but for some reason, ever since I’ve been married, I can’t put laundry away in the drawers.

After a few minutes of guilting me into it, she throws me a pile of clothes that go in my drawers, messing up the folding job.

I pointed out to her that she completely wasted her time folding them if she was just going to throw them at me and mess them up, to which she responds: “it doesn’t matter, you’ll just throw them in the drawers anyway.”

Au contraire!

I subsequently pointed out to my wife that I am one of the more anal retentive of my sex when it comes to organized drawers, opening my sock drawer as the prime example.


As you can see, all of my socks are folded over in pairs (not folded onto themselves, which stretches out and ruins the elasticity).  They are also grouped by color, size, and frequency of use.

This is how the drawer looks all of the time.

Since I am the only man my wife has ever lived with, I told her this would be the blog topic for today, with a challenge for my readership: what does your sock drawer look like?

I defy any one else out there to show me a more organized men’s sock drawer.  Male and female readers alike, go take a photo of your (or your husband’s) sock drawer, and email it to

Rules: no quickly organizing the drawer before you take the picture.  Don’t touch a thing.  Just open, snap, and email.  Honor system here, folks.

Help me show my wife that she got a good deal when she married a man who, though not always willing to put his own laundry away, values a beautifully organized sock drawer!

12 thoughts on “Sock Drawer”

  1. Omg, I am lmao. It all starts with a argument about laundry… and it gets better from there. The honeymoon must be over.

  2. Wow.

    I’m now wondering if you have a wad of money hidden somewhere in that sock drawer. That’s where the stash was at my parent’s house, and without ever mentioning it to my husband, that’s where the stash is at ours. Is that a man thing?

  3. What WE forgot to say was that I put them all in there that way because if it were up to him – they would never even make it there 😉

  4. Ha ha! Petty little arguments… what a (selective?) perfectionist! And did you actually create a sock e-mail address? If only you’d used that time to put your clothes away… Let’s see what your closet looks like – do you have everything organized by color?

  5. Just to clarify…

    I didn’t say anywhere in this blog entry that there was any **arguing** involved. There wasn’t an argument. I just smiled and helped her put the clothes away after our little exchange, even though I didn’t want to.

    Oh, and Emily, you might want to change the hiding place for the wad now… I think my readership is on to you… 🙂

    And yes, the email address really exists… but so far no emails. I’m a little disappointed. I thought everyone would have some fun with this. I had visions of a blog post with 20 sock drawers…


  6. No organized sock drawers here, although I am with you an the folding of the socks rather than tucking them in each other! My husband thinks it is silly, but then again when he does laundry I often find my socks in his drawer…I am just glad they get cleaned!

  7. Sorry to disappoint you, many of us have little time to photograph sock drawers and e-mail them. much less blog about them.

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