Dust in the Wind? Or just Kansas?

Kansas City was surprising tonight.  And a bit shocking!


Kara busted out in a British accent, Paula made sense for once, and Randy was just phoning it in as usual.  But the most shocking part was that a lot of people went through for the wrong reasons tonight….Very weird.

Simon?  Where were you today to keep the quality control up?

  • One person got through because she sang Simon’s cowritten song.
  • One guy totally begged his way through. (What?  You can beg now?)
  • Then there was the other guy who brought his cheer leading squad, actually had some potential, and didn’t make it.

Now, a few trends of Kansas City:

  1. Everyone was there with someone.  Strange, I know, but KC seemed to have a plethora of large fan clubs, family, and cheer squads.
  2. Everyone needed teeth whitening.  Maybe I’m just spoiled gazing into the fluorescent white chompers of Paul Abdul week after week, but really – don’t they at least sell tooth brushes out there?  Maybe there’s something in the water.
  3. No girls in bikinis (like last night – but don’t worry – they still worked in a shot of last night’s bikini girl…)

Legolas Returns:

Boy was it so nice to see the Castro family again – especially our favorite JASON CASTRO!

Remember Jason from last season who played the ukelele, sang songs he had no business butchering, and who looked a whole lot like Legolas?!?!  Yup.  I remember him too.

My favorite part of JC (not to be confused with the BIG JC) is that he never changes.  Those dreadlocks are as immortal and unmovable as the beauty of the smell of earth after rain.  They are as constant as God’s love, and as beautiful as the sun shimmering off the water.

Jason, we miss you dearly!


(This one is dedicated to a certain Cornfed somewhere out there… I miss you!!! Come home to watch AI the only way you know how…)

Now to some of my favorites for tonight:


Anoop: you look like a software engineer.  In other words… LOOKIN’ GOOD!!


Asa, the band director, was great!  He could possibly be the very first person to actually pull off a Michael Jackson song during auditions.

And of course, we have the first candidate for the coveted title of “Mah Wooooman” this year in Lil Rounds.


She has great pipes, a great story, a beautiful family, and can peel paint of the walls with her voice. I think she’s officially in the running.

Sadly, KC had it’s share of deluded people… including this poor soul:


Really… someone needs to go make sure she’s OK after that kind of a let down.

The best moment of the night, however, occurred when one of the two sisters were put through. Their mother or auntie just couldn’t contain herself and grabbed the neareset man to celebrate with.

Sadly for him, it was Ryan Seacrest…


Yes… there was jumping and rubbing and all sorts of things we can’t talk about on the public internets.

I don’t think he’ll ever be the same man again.

6 thoughts on “Dust in the Wind? Or just Kansas?”

  1. No Fair-I have been traveling this week and missed both episodes. The auditions are my absolute favorite! I might have to come and comendear your tivo or whatever it is you save all this on!

  2. Sam, thank you for the Legolas pic. Castro doesn’t have a future in singing, but I know he could make a buck or two as an elf stunt double somewhere…

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