Earth to the Evanglicals

I thought the speech was masterfully written, and well delivered.

Today, I’m just a little angry at those who say, “Mitt still didn’t address the “issues” we have with his faith.”

First of all, Mitt said (rather eloquently) that he does not owe it to anyone to justify his faith. He went further to say that discussions of such topics have no place in presidential politics, a sentiment Mike Huckabee echoed when he was recently pressed about his views on female clergy in his own Baptist sect.

Second of all, Mitt, if we didn’t reach ’em by now, we’re not going to reach ’em. There is a very vocal minority out there who simply will not vote for a Mormon. They have been brainwashed by their pastor or by anti-mormon literature to a point where Mormons are the devil incarnate. They will not ever support you, so let’s stop trying to win them over.

Along those lines, I’m going to go out on a limb here…

I just want to ask any Evangelical out there who might come across this blog… why Mormonism? Why must you attack it so vehemently? Mormon doctrines and practices are no more crazy than those of other faiths who disagree with your theology. Why aren’t there scads of anti-Muslim literature papering our public school’s parking lots? Why aren’t you devoting full sermons to anti-Catholic rhetoric? Why aren’t you publishing anti-Semitic films and protesting outside every Synagogue and Diocese?

Why are you so focused on Mormons? You must be afraid of us for some reason. Why is that?

Shifting gears a bit, let me ask you this. Where is Jesus in this video? Where is the Christianity in this?

Please tell me that at least one of you Evangelicals out there is appalled by how this minister would sit there and denigrate such a dedicated, faithful woman. He shrouds his hate speech in a feigned “love” and “reaching out.” His real purpose is to spread the half-truths about the Mormon belief system.

I find this kind of personal attack appalling, ugly, and unchristian.What ever happened to “Love your enemies?” How is this preacher emulating the love of Christ by spewing this kind of hate speech over the public airwaves? How can he honestly look into that camera, say those awful things, and then claim he is a true Christian? (and a Christian leader at that…)

If people and the media were attacking Obama’s race or Hillary’s gender as much they are Mitt’s Mormonism, there would be a fierce public outcry. It would be deemed an unacceptable and immoral attack. People all over the country would just shake their heads…

So why do these hate and fear mongers get a pass? Sounds like a religious test to me.

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