Eight Things

While I was on vacation, Megan tagged me to do this little thingy… so… I might be late to the party, but here I go nonetheless…

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

  1. American Idol
  2. Chuck
  3. So You Think You Can Dance
  4. Eli Stone
  5. The Office
  6. Meet the Press
  7. House
  8. Brothers and Sisters

8 Favorite Places To Eat:

  1. Texas Roadhouse
  2. Cafe Rio
  3. Texas Land and Cattle
  4. Vietnamese
  5. That really yummy Mediterranean place on Belt Line with the fresh baked pitas… mmmm.
  6. Pei Wei
  7. Marv’s
  8. Butch Cassidy’s (they have the best fries, huh FavUnc)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

  1. Watched the morning shows
  2. Went to Church
  3. Led choir practice
  4. Ate a yummy Sunday dinner
  5. Watched August Rush
  6. Fixed my Uncle’s network
  7. Played the piano and sang

8 Things I Look Forward To:

  1. Every day of my life
  2. Four Seasons
  3. New adventures
  4. Talking to my family
  5. Work – it’s a new challenge every day
  6. Holidays and Vacations

8 Things I Love About Fall:

  1. Cooler temps
  2. Football (even though I don’t watch much)
  3. Leaves turning (which they don’t here)
  4. Smell of things dying

8 Things On My Wish List:

  1. iPhone
  2. I wish there was a candidate I could vote for…
  3. World Domination (under me, of course)
  4. other stuff…

9 thoughts on “Eight Things”

  1. Very nice list. What does the term ” other stuff ” mean? Better to be just a bit safer by voting for McCain than Obama. He is totally scary………..yup.

  2. So I was thinking that your posts have seemed distant and like you really don’t want to write, but you feel obligated to post, so you do even though you really don’t want to talk to us. Therefore, I’ve decided that you need to get real riled up about something (preferably non-political in tone) and real mad, and then GO OFF and tell us all how horrible the world is or how horrible we are or how horrible bathroom tile is, or something. Something. Something!

    Even your posts about Washington are well . . . to use your word “lame” 🙂 . . . in that you don’t seem very excited about it. Yes, we saw the bike helmet guy with the awesome calves and read about how cool the West Wing was (which I totally agree that would be VERY cool to see—and you got a great picture to remember the moment by—also very cool), but honestly, you have given us the “toast and ginger ale” version of this experience when all of us have wanted to hear the “sirloin steak, potatoes, green beans, with a Dr. Pepper and peach cobbler for dessert” version. Especially since we all know how much you’ve been looking forward to this “grown up” trip. What gives? Are you physically ill? Or just sick of your blog audience? Hum . . . I think you’re sick of us, so I’m taking my loyalties elsewhere until there is something with more substance. So . . . THERE!

    P.S. It even shows in this tag post. You have to half way do that too by only doing four of eight things listed under two of the categories? Sigh. *head shake* I’m disappointed in you.

  3. Ouch, Obama’s Mom wouldn’t have liked to hear you say he scares you. I doubt her little boy was ever the boggie man when he was helping out the poor in Chicago. Our political system doesn’t allow a lot of room for any party to “have its way with the people”. It isn’t like the republicans didn’t have a chance recently and they didn’t do any of the things that irrationally scared the democrats. On the other hand, we are financially destitute … maybe the prize was something different …

    Enough politics, may I recommend “Kosta’s” for greek food at Park and Alma, in Plano. Never busy and always good. Family run too! Did you know that Cheuy’s (spelling) is coming to Plano? Yep, on 75 north service road, in place of “Shady Oak Barbeque”.

  4. I agree with Alison – you do seem distant and a bit reluctant to go into much detail. I don’t really know what to suggest for you to get riled up about…

    My sister and her boyfriend just broke up, do you want me to fix you guys up? She’s only 19 (well, 20 in March) but you’re both a lot of fun to hang out with, so I know you’ll have a great time! What do you think of the new AI judge, whatshername? Have you seen the new X Factor judge over here, Cheryl Cole? I think Simon’s got a crush on her. They have 4 judges on X Factor, and each mentors a certain category – boys, girls, groups, and over-25’s. Do you think it would be good for AI to have that format? Is anything produced by Halestorm actually good media? Is it really wrong to watch R-rated movies for their artistic value? Do you think we should celebrate Columbus Day? Do Brad and Angelina have enough kids? Should I shut up now? Ok.

  5. Obama is the boogie man. He registered fake voters with Acorn in Chicago. How is rigging elections helping the poor?

    Sorry, WE. I didn’t mean to potentially hijack the thread.

    My favorite eateries (in no particular order):
    On The Border
    home (on those rare occasions I cook real meals)
    Babe’s Chicken Dinner House
    El Fenix
    Cheesecake Factory
    any meal when the family invited the missionaries over (we usually ate pizza)

    There, hopefully that reclaims your thread 😀

  6. W.E., I thought that you got out of Circleville Elementary in time to learn to count to 8? I guess I was wrong…

  7. I agree with booger- Kosta’s rocks and you should really check it out. And who says you have to conform to 8? I get frustrated when someone asks me my favorite band of all time, as if I could really narrow it down to one.

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